Ancestry Ireland

This September a lavish book is to be published celebrating 
the Historical treasures held within The Cardinal Tomás Ó 
Fiaich Memorial Library & Archive, an independent 
institution established in honour of the Late Cardinal Tomás 
Ó Fiaich.

This celebratory book of the Memorial Library/Archive is 
beautifully illustrated with stories, letters, songs, 
photographs and artefacts all representing Irish culture and 
society of the past. 

One finds in it tales of the Irish involvement in conflicts 
in Spain, France, Italy, Mexico as well as a depiction of 
the horrors of the trenches of the First World War. There 
are even secrets to be unfolded on German spies in Ireland 
during the Second World War.

A unique opportunity has presented itself allowing you to 
Pre-subscribe to this copious publication, by doing so you 
will be helping to preserve these documents and artefacts 
for the education and enjoyment of future generations.

All Pre-subscribers will be acknowledged in the book and 
will receive an advance deluxe hardback copy.

By Pre-Subscribing you will be supporting the preservation 
of Irish History and the digitisation of documents within 
the Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library & Archive.
file=/assets/filemanager/files/treasure-book-sample-4.pdf to 
view a selection of sample pages from the book.

You can Pre-Subscribe through the link below, please help 
and play your part in the preservation of these cultural 
treasures and keep Gaelic culture and history alive.

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