Festa Italiana 2015

Festa Italiana

Italian Community Center Milwaukee

Fine Art Tent 2015
Italian American artisans and invited guests from regional, national and world collection of creative industries professionals.

These selected artisans represent the next generation of Italian American artisans. With reputations that reach beyond our local/regional area, that is Milwaukee. Consequently, the worlds and future history will prove to be, Italian fine artisans representing Festa Italiana.

Our Artisans are perpetuating their culture and art as descendants of Italy’s renaissance era. Our Artisans come from all walks of life and art, encompassing mediums of oil, acrylic, ceramic, plaster, wood/natural and mixed media, photography, literature, and performance Art and more.

Demonstrating and selling their Art during all three days of Festa. Our ensembles of creative’s share their Art, culture, and knowledge to all. Festa’s Artisan Tent is a rare site, not unlike the Salons of Europe in our Italian and European Art history.




In categories of Literature, Fine Art: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Natural & recycled materials: Wood, Gemstones, Fiber arts, Wearalbes, Pottery, Ornamental Plaster, Graphics Design, Drawing, and Italian Ornaments


Gloria Italiano Anzilotti, Literature; surnames Italiano, Gloria is a writer who haspublished the following books:

St. Teresa of Avila, An English Prince: Newcastle’s Machiavellian Political Guide to Charles II and Four English Italian Stories. She currently is in Italy published her latest book.

Gloria has written a comprehensive biography of Teresa of Avila…especially her family background and her growing up years that most other books on her do not cover.


Paul Salsini – The widely celebrated author will bring his latest novel, The Temptation of Father Lorenzo: Ten Stories of 1970s Tuscany to the Festa Art Tent, along with his acclaimed A Tuscan Trilogy: The Cielo, a novel of wartime Tuscany; Sparrow’s Revenge, a novel of postwar Tuscany; and Dino’s Story, a novel of 1960s Tuscany.
Yvonne (Marchetti) Stevenson – Bad Dog Studio Painter: I am primarily a painter…oils, acrylic, and mixed media, I also design jewelry. Of course, the fascination with color and design spills over in life in landscaping and interior design. Sensitivity to color and design are integral to all areas of life. I enjoy a robust use of color and texture in the creation of abstract works in oil, acrylics, or mixed media. I typically use colors, which are vivid, lively, and playful to both enhance the beauty of an object and project mood and emotion. In this philosophy and approach, I share a kinship with abstract expressionists and color field artists.

I draw inspiration for my paintings from many sources. I have traveled extensively and memories of the places I have seen (Wisconsin fields at dawn, Asian temples, walls painted over with timeworn colors, graffiti, rough-textured surfaces, and more) have influenced my abstracts. I typically work in series to explore the many possibilities that I see within each image.

PeterGustinwoodcoffeetableblkwalnutPeter Gustin Sr: Natural and Recycled woods, Peter was born in the town is Valle d’Istria, province of Pola. Unfortunately, this town and province was given to Croatia after the Second World War. I came here in 1956 as a war refugee.
After many years of working as a teacher and salesman for various
Companies I founded this landscape company, Green Man Wood Services
Inc., together with my son, with the idea of recycling our precious
urban wood. Designing and building these pieces of art has become my
latest passion.

Briefly, we (Green Man Wood Services Inc.) are a landscape
company. We also remove and recycle trees. If the logs of the removed
trees are usable, such as walnut or ash etc. we cut them on our
sawmill. If they are not good lumber then we cut them and split them
as firewood. I am enclosing our brochure and a copy of the Journal
article for your information.

Since we are very familiar with the beauty of the wood, we take some
of the best pieces and make pieces of art. to view samples of our work using some of our recycle lumber.


Art Cola – Literature Arthur Cola was born in Chicago in the “little Italy” neighborhood of the near west side of the city. His family moved to Oak Park, IL where he attended Oak Park-River Forest High School. While attending Loyola University, Chicago, he met his future wife, Donna Shields. Together they have five now grown children and four grandchildren. He, his wife and family now live in Burlington, Wisconsin for 30 years.

He has been an educator for 35 years. During that time, he was a Teacher of History and a School Principal. Upon receiving his Master’s Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, he also served as a Lecturer for Barry University in Florida. His postgraduate work concentrated on Educational administration and theology. He studied in Rome at the Loyola University Campus while conducting research for his current work, “The Stone Cutter Genius” and traveled extensively in Ireland and Britain researching cultural sites and folklore for his other novels.

I will be presenting all three of my novels: The Stone Cutter Genius, The Shamrock Crown and Papa and the Leprechaun King. Also presenting my Christmas themed children’s book: Papa and the Gingerbread Man.

Maryanne schall pearl-bracelet-knitted

Maryanne shall pearl-bracelet-knitted

Mary Anne Shall – Fine Art Jewelry Wearalbes The Shorewood resident whose family names include Bettio and Andreotta, is a jewelry artist I am a jewelry artist who manipulates wire into wearable pieces of art.
I feel that wire is a natural medium for conveying how lines express mood, form, and texture. I use wire to explore the connections between mind, body, spirit, the organic and the industrial. Using a variety of techniques adapted from basketry, knitting, and metal work, I combine silver, gold, and copper wire with pearls, precious gem stones, found objects, antique and ethnic pieces, fused glass, and china shards to create wearable works of art.
I will be showing some exciting new necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
Debra Stubbe Burkhart Orlandini – For Festa I have been working on some NEW and EXCITING paintings and drawings of Italy and Milwaukee Landmarks. These paintings are done with acrylic paint on raw canvas and magic marker. Originals as well as affordable prints and greeting cards will be available for purchase. Commissions are welcomed.

Orlandini Ossite44.319152139_std

Eugene Orlandini – Ornamental Plaster, A third generation artisan, Orlandini will display and demonstrate his ornate plaster and restoration work that has given the family name international recognition.


Shelly Orlandini – The third member, and most vibrant member of the artistic Orlandini family to exhibit at the 2015 Festa Italiana, Shelly will display her photography of Paris, around town and her travels.

Eugene and Shelly were just featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentenial this May

see link here:


Maria Whites Work

Maria Whites Work

Marie White – Ornaments of regions of Italy and much more, surnames Gallo, Motta, Marotta, Straziuso, Garramone
The family of Marie and Angela White originated in Basilicata, Italy. Mom Marie works in mixed media – painting and clay. She will be exhibiting pottery and hand painted glass ornaments depicting people and scenes from their lives taken from photos.

Angela White – Pottery surnames Gallo, Motta, Marotta, Straziuso, and Garramone
The daughter of Marie White will be displaying Horse Hair Pottery. Growing up in an artistic household Angela now teaches the magic of Art to students in the Iowa area. I am a clay person first. It is what I love to work with but broader I like to work 3-D. I see the world in three dimensions I want to manipulate that or create new objects. I enjoy painting, but have done it only for enjoyment nothing serious.

Art is my family blood. I was practically born in an art studio. I have been told all my life that the day I was born my mom went to work at her studio all day not knowing she was in labor. So you could say I was born into it. Since then I have been raised around art. With that said, my mom never pushed me to do art. It was more if I like drawing pencils would show up; if I mentioned colored pencils, a new set would appear.

I love to create things. Nothing pleases me more than to sit quietly and work on an idea. As a child it was next to grandma and my mom so we could say this is a deep.




Valorie (Sanfilippo) Schleicher – Sculptor and Photographer. Surnames: Sanfilippo Realmuto, Scardina, and Balistreri.
I reside in Wauwatosa and my roots are in the third ward Milwaukee, where my great grandfather took up residence. In 1901-1903, he resided at 213 Jefferson Street after arriving in America with his three brothers. While they stayed in NY, Stephano came here; my family has lived in the surrounding area since then.
I Am an Artist, and Arts Advocate I hold many Art Chairs around my community to show Art in unexpected places. Where the everyday person can step into a space filled with Art and experience that shift out of time and space, into spaciousness, timelessness to experience spiritual healing, and other creative’s, and just be inspired.
Valorie has been coordinating the exhibits for the Festa Art Tent and other local non-profits for the past fifteen years. A sculptor and photographer, she has gained a national and international reputation for her art, has traveled to SoHo NY and London UK, with her Art and has works in many countries around the world. She will be bringing her award winning Strong Woman sculptures and photographic series to Festa.

Best Kathy Twitter Pic edited

Kathryn Occhipinti info@learntravelitalian.com Italian Author

Dr. Kathryn Occhipinti is a Radiologist of Italian-American descent who has been teaching the Italian language for the Italian-American Society of Peoria for over 7 years. During that time, she founded Stella Lucente, LLC, a publishing company focused on instructional language books designed to make learning a second language easy and enjoyable for the adult audience. Using her experiences as a teacher, she wrote the Conversational Italian for Travelers series of books, which follow the character Caterina on her travels through Italy, while at the same time introducing the fundamentals of the Italian language. The associated website http://www.learntravelitalian.com, provides free interactive dialogues recorded by native Italian speakers, cultural notes, and Italian recipes to make learning the language really come alive.

Wendy Olson

Wendy Olson

Wendy Olsen Italian Author
Author Wendy Rachel Olsen was born in Orléans, France. She has dual citizenship with The U.S.A. and France and residence in Como, Italy. She has lived in seven different countries and speaks four languages. Wendy is a true citizen of the world and a known authority on Italy. She is an avid sailor/racer and enjoys playing her trumpet whenever she can.
Wendy’s son, Daniele “Danny,” is a recent graduate from his mother’s Alma Mater U.W. Madison and working in international arenas. Wendy’s daughter Emilie is a stellar middle school student at Slinger middle school.

Ms. Olsen frequently speaks to groups on a variety of issues related to Italy Including the I.C.C. She is the founder of S.A.L.A. – The Slinger Academy of Language and Arts – Slinger, Wisconsin where both adults and children learn Italian, Spanish and French. Her motto; “Let’s help create a world with fewer borders.”

turkish coffee
Susan Kamholz
Susan Kamholz’s work combines several different mediums that she has learned at a variety of institutions including the Chicago Art Institute, The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of St. Peters College, Oxford University and St. Olaf College. With that education, she has developed work in a multitude of areas and remains open to all mediums including foundations in figure drawing, scenic design, and photography. Her work is inspired by her travels and experiences of global landscapes.
Check out her work through her website, The General Artist.

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