Valorie Schleicher

Profile: I am a Wauwatosa Artist whose works hang in homes and businesses across the United States and Italy. As a young girl I sketched trees and landscapes and knew I would try every medium of art before I settled into clay. As an adult having experienced each of these mediums I have chosen both photography and sculpture to express my Art. I have a number of ribbons that run through my Life and Art; my passion for Community, Kids, and Culture. My path as an artist has pulled these ribbons together. It is a journey that has evolved over time and incorporates all of these - sculpture for public places, design, the love of life, nature and her community; the joy that comes from teaching and being with and supporting kids, family and young Artisans. I celebrate my culture through history and the ancient glaze used in my works of Art. The glaze techniquw I use are created by hand and are known as Maiolica or Majolica one of the first glazes known to man and used since 700 BC. I am an artist that takes note of people, time, place, bring meaning to these as I share with others. I am a Artists that lives my Art. I am a Graduate Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, in Milwaukee, WI. and hold Degrees in Sculpture & Communication Design; a Business degree from Cardinal Stritch University in Glendale WI. My works can be seen online at, Saatchi-Saatchi in the UK and at My Art Space in NYC I also organizes a number of community Art events that brings art into the streets for everyone to enjoy. I recently started Buy Local Art Wisconsin .com a on-line based web site that puts people directly in touch with Artists-Galleries-Resources for the world to reach Wisconsin based Artisans and Artisan Services.; I was honored in 2009 as one of Wisconsin's 412 Cultural assets as a Wisconsin Artisan.

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