Community: “Support your Community”

Support your Community! What is more important in life that where you have decided to live, educate yourself, raise your children and work than your own community.

For me there is a number of projects that support my community and those around me.

Festa Italiana Fine Art Show, Forks & Corks West Allis West Milwaukee, Tosa Fest

Each year I organize Art shows for the communities of Milwaukee, West Allis, West Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. Each of these Fine Art and Fine Craft showcase fine artists and their work. It also showcases new and emerging talent from across our communities, from High School to college to outsider Artists. These shows are about putting Art into the community and onto our streets where everyone has access to Art. I work with Non-Profits in a win win between the Artist and the Non-Profit hosting us. The cost for these shows is  $25.00 -for jury, application and booth fees; and 10-% sales return to the non-profit for hosting us and those monies go back into the community for supporting more charities and the community.

Each year I mentor a few new Artists into the shows to five them a foot into doing public Art shows. Last year we welcomed into our fold for Festa Photographer Bob Simiele, Author Sarah Terry and Jewelery Artisan Valerie Erato. For or June event we welcomed Painter and Illustrator Risa Marie Johnson from MIAD who I met during her thesis night actually it was the next Saturday I passed through MIAD’s gallery and was amazed by Risa’s pointillism portrait of her grandfather and sister sitting on the front porch eating popcorn.  Risa has since joined many of the events that I organize or Artisans working through my network.

Being an Artist and an advocate for the Arts I work to bring new artists into the fold by giving them show experience, an audience and a place to just get their feet wet. It gives them an opportunity to see what part of the Art world they may want to become a part of. This year watch and see who we add to our fold. see our Resources page for the Call for Art for these shows and many more.

Starlite Nite; North Shore Academy of the Arts:

Paula Christensen Director contacted me to do another live art pc. the eventing of the 27th

The last work I did live for the NorthShore Academy was last June 09 for an Artists in Motion series here is a link to the pc. I created and was the fourth in the Strong Woman Series: Swing Nouveau a work with four woman and a fairy.

made in three hours at bayshore towne center June 18th 2009

Swing Nouveau: Four Ladies and a Fairy

Owner:  Bayshore Towne Center in Glendale WI.


Valorie Schleicher Strong Woman#6a Francesca

This is Strong Woman Francesca created during Starlite Night for the NorthShore Academy of the Arts: congratulations to Fran Frankin for winning her in the Auction! Francesca is the 6th in the series of Strong Woman Works and will be completed in the next few weeks and Fran will have her in about 6-8 weeks.

Ch 10 Great Auction

Valorie Schleicher Lilie (Lilium)

Channel 10 Great Art Auction:

For this Auction I created a Lilie 35″ tall by 12.5 wide and about 4 ” thick

Here are the a few shots of the work one in a drying stage and a dry glaze stage the pc. is in the kiln as I write this blog.

I documented the making of the pc. from a blank canvas of clay to a full-blown piece that you see here. I will upload the slide show as soon as it is loaded into an easy format to see and use … For now I am using flicker until I can find a great gallery to show it, any suggestions here are welcome just leave me a comment or email me.

Slide show link check out the making of the Lilie for Channel 10 Great Art Auction


Here is what the lilie looks like when i have glazed it; note this is dry glazed and not fired yet so the colors are quite dull.

Valorie SchleicherLilie_lilium_41

Valorie Schleicher Lilie_lilium_41 1st Glaze fire

2/23/10 Amazing Day: Lilie turned out beautiful, she needs a little more contrast she was quite monochromatic at cone 6 2240 degrees. Lowering the temperature to 1940 added my favorite leaf green and whitened the lilie proper will post images in the a.m.; camera is in shop. Kiln is at 1766 at 9:15 pm will be done in a few hours.

As with all things that turn right something goes wrong. The temperature was too high for a few of the hand-made glazes and they melted on to  my kiln shelves two of them refuse to budge. After 10 years of firing this is my first time to have a glaze melt on the shelves. 5 Shelves need grinding and re-washed. Hopefully they are recoverable other wise it’s a big expense at this time of the year, ouch. I am using older heavier shelves for glaze two firing. Being 4’11” and reaching into a kiln that is 10 sq. foot it takes a lot of balance and upper body strength to reach to the bottom of the kiln.

Grief class was as expected it’s like cultures we all grieve differently and mourning is different from grief. Fallacies of grief we need to just get over it and move on. Truth is we all do it at our own pace and bring to it what we have within ourselves. I remember when my father died, his best friend Wayne Fraker stood next to me at the casket and spoke of the days when they skipped school together and went fishing. He reached for my small twelve-year-old hand and held it as he spoke about the life and times of his childhood with my father. I saw my father as I was at that same time running to experience each breath of life that I could take in, laughing fishing, climbing trees, being human, being a kid. I thank Wayne often for the gift he gave me that day learning to grieve through celebration, laughter and tears.

My sister a few years older than I had a different experience that day; she today will not view a deceased person avoids funerals and grieves her own way. We are quite different, the same person in our lives died, our father and two ways of grieving and mourning that loss and carrying that memory through out our lives. As long as we can not judge how the other one grieves we will acknowledge the loss, grief and move forward. Teach kids its OK to celebrate life with tears.

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