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Artist Valorie Schleicher’s Studio & what’s going on?

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This is Artist blogger who is working in stoneware clay with an ancient glazing technique called Maiolica or Majolica which has been used since  700 BC off the isle of Majorca and is created with oxides and minerals hand mixed in my home studio, in Southeastern WI., and owner of VL Schleicher Sculptures Studio and Buy Local Art a web site that enables the everyday person to connect with Artisans & Artisan Services.

My Artistic process utilizes both sculpture and photography. I first see and view the people of the world in fragments assigned to cultures, ages, gender. Then those moments of time that define these. I am always in awe of people and what make them tick; not that I want you to get my version of life but rather I want to understand yours. For one moment in time I really see you; as a fragment that belongs to a “Whole” and put that in clay.

See my Gallery for the latest works  and my Web Site

VL click here for all my works

I am continually doing works that comprise of both Women and Nature. When I am not in the studio I am organizing local Art shows for non-profits around Milwaukee County. It allows me to help other artists both professional and emerging get their art out in communities or places that may not ever get to see them.

When I realy get out of the office and studio I do direct care Volunteering At Aurora Zilber VNA Family Hospice in Wauwatosa

Strong Woman Series:  Ongoing Project / Culture

Strong Woman Series:Tina, Jen & Queen Tina

I have taken eight awards in the last year and a half for the Strong Woman Series

  • 1) Strong Woman: A series of sculptures of Women in various themes. The women I use as models have all exhibited the strength we as women often overlook in ourselves. My first models are Tina Sherock, Jen Nelson, Lori Schrock, and Diana Priewe and Cindi Malzewski these next few weeks I have five new models coming to the studio that fall into the Seven Daughters of Eve Art series.

At the end of this book is a portrait of the seven women and how they lived and how the daughters migrated to different parts of the world and started their own clans. My models joining me for this series all descend from these parts of the world where each model descends from.

If you have had your DNA tested and fall into the following categories please contact me. Strong Women Needed; from DNA line X,H,V,T,K & J contact Artists studio val@ Wauwatosa WI.

The Maturing World: Exhibition Sept 2012

The Maturing World is a series of works showing how we as a Country and a world are maturing in our thought processes and awareness “Becoming more Present”, the awakening you might call it. This started in 1999 and I finished collecting the research in 2010. I am now set to start putting this together for 2012 -2013

Earlier Projects: Each year I make a Art work  and donate it to Channel 10/36 our local PBS station for their Great Art Auction.

Supporting my community:

Winter 2010

Ch 10 Great Auction

Valorie Schleicher Lilie (Lilium)

A Lillie 34″tall by 12″ wide x 4″ depth. This is the first piece that I have fully documented the process of making the work of Art.  Photo by Photo from a blank canvas of clay to a full blown work of Art that will be on display on preview at the Greater Milwaukee (GMAR) Realitors 84th Home & Garden show at the Wisconsin Expo Center, State Fair Park West Allis WI.

This work of Art is the result of a contact made by Channel 10’s Amy Langlas Burns, Artists get many requests for donations of their works in fact some  might say that they could work all year just to comply with donation requests. I have narrowed down my request lists to three areas that really mean something to me Kids, community and culture so the request fell right into my community passion and I created a work of Art just for them. The Lilie is three lilies one in full bloom, one in parcel bloom and the top one in a state of emerging (opening).  I so love the wondering leaf structure and organic shapes the leaves make as they grow.

Being an avid gardener I have a back yard full of inspiration for me to draw from. To see the making of the Lilie click here


What about the Children?

Kids Community Culture and Families,

These are two organizations I belong to which are bringing awareness to the life of children and women the effects that has on the rest of us and the world.

Tosa Skateboarders United


The Sisterhood of West Allis & West Milwaukee


Various Works for Galleries and Sale:

You can see my works at the Dooryard Gallery in Elm Grove Center see my bio tab for addresses

  • Garden Series-These are available at the DoorYard Gallery in Elm Grove Wisconsin 13425 Watertown Plank Road, Elm Grove, WI53122 phone 262.780.8778
  • The Arts Mill 1300 14th Ave Grafton WI. 53024
  • Healing Art- coming soon…but mean while a lot of information is on my web site click here
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  1. The Hydranga Basin has found a new home being sold from the Dooryard Gallery in Elm Grove Wisconsin. She will make the owners very happy

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  1. […] We are pleased to offer another wonderful studio artist to NSAA’s Arts Mill. You may view Valorie’s collection of work on the 2nd floor of the Arts Mill. She has been part of the Strong Women Series, taking 8 awards over the last year and a half. Strong Women is a series of sculptures of Women in various themes. For more information on Valorie’s work, click here. […]

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