Culture is my Art

Culture is my Art, and Inspiration used in my technique & my understanding and exploration of the world around me. I am second generation Italian American and descend from a small fishing village in Porticello, Palermo Provence, Sicily. I honor my Italian heritage with the glazing technique I use known as maiolica, or majolica used in Italy for thousands of years.

I celebrate my culture in many ways I am a member of the The Italian Community Center here in Milwaukee and I organize their Italian American Fine Art show each year I have also been commissioned to produce five of their Annual Regional Plates, as each year we celebrate a  Italian Region. I have done Abruzzo, Calabria, Campania, Sicily and

This year we do Tuscany so If you know of any Italian Artisans or people who descend from the Tuscan region please lead them to this site and the site

Strong Woman Series:Tina, Jen & Queen Tina

Strong Woman Series:Tina, Jen & Queen Tina unglazed

1) Strong Woman Series:

A series of sculptures of Women in various themes.

The Strong Woman Series is a collection of women’s’ faces within sculptural ground that symbolizes the various moments in ones lives, moments defined through and about women.

The women I use as models have all exhibited the strength we as women often overlook in ourselves. My first models are Tina Sherock, Jen Nelson, Lori Sherock, and Diana Priewe. Ari Lipp Please see below for my call for Models who come to the studio and have their faces done to be added to the Seven Daughters of Eve Strong Woman Series. These women all descend from different parts of the world and make up the seven women who populated our world. I pay homage to these through this series.

The first in the series was Jen made at Festa Italiana July 2009, Milwaukee WI. And finished in 2010. She has taken four first place awards in Art Exhibitions over the last two years.

Strong Woman Jen

Valorie Schleicher StrongWoman_Jen#1

StrongWoman #1 Jen in the series

Jen is nestled within symbolic dreamlike images in the background. Made of Stoneware with Majolica glaze & enamel.

The Second in the series was Tina she is owned by Jason Baldwin of Wauwatosa WI. Sculpture Tina was showed in  Corpris Christy Texas for a national Show the 44th Annual National Drawing and small Sculpture show at Delmar College. Tina was purchased after she was entered into the juried into the show.

Jason has allowed her to be shipped to Texas for the exhibition which runs from April 7th 2010 to May 1st 2010

Valorie Schleicher Strong Woman Series #2 Tina

Tina on exhibition in Corpus Christi Texas

The third in the series was Swing Nouveau done during a  live performance and the Bayshore Towne Center in Glendale WI. She was created during a performance of swing music by the band Swing Nouveau

made in three hours at bayshore towne center June 18th 2009

Swing Nouveau: Four Ladies and a Fairy

4) Queen Tina was the fifth in the series  she was modeled after Tina Sherock, She has taken one first place awards in Art Exhibitions over the last year.

Valorie Schleicher Strong Woman #4 Queen Tina

Valorie Schleicher-Turtle Island

Valorie Schleicher-Strong Woman Series-Turtle Island-Lori

Valorie Schleicher-Strong Woman series# 5 Turtle Island-Lori

5) Strong Woman Series #5 Turtle Island Lori.

Turtle Island; Lori is based on Native American Lore when the caretaker of the earth was represented by a woman. Here she is the earth, woman, plant, the living system of life that we depend on.

She is  available for sale and is on display at the Arts Mill in Grafton Wi.

Francesca close up

6) Francesca was started 2/27/10 for the NorthShore Academy of the Arts 10th Annual Starlite Night Fund Raiser and was in a live Art Auction I made her during the evening starting at 5 p.m and she was auctioned off at 9:30 the winner was Fran Franklin she will be getting her in about 6-8 weeks as she gets the finishing touches (her arm is a little off the armature need to be raised) on her dries and is bisque fired, then glazed and re-fired. Watch for updates in the weeks to come.

Francesca second view

Francesca, Come here Honey is now complete and in the hands of her owner Fran here is the final

Strong Woman Francesca was modeled after Lori Sherock

the headdress is banded by a images of German Baking motifs

7) Strong Woman Elaine started out as a logo for a Women’s Business that I incorporated into a Strong Woman Pc. She is in the drying stage here.

The upper ribbon is the detail of her headdress is an old pressing from German Bakers used the making of their Danish.

Four Petals

8) Four Petals This strong woman piece depicts the softness of women. She is engulfed with flurels of plant life and flowers at her crown.

Four pedals Detail

detail of face

9) Strong Woman Series: Contentment. “Contentment- Lori;” is a young woman content at looking at her world through young eyes; still pure and unabashed by life’s journey. She has taken two Awards one State Art award and the Ness-Wood Award while she was exhibited at the State Art Show at the Pyle Center in Madison Wi. in .

Strong Woman Series Contentment Lori

Contentment Lori: is that moment of soft contemplation that a woman finds themselves at different points in their life. “Contentment- Lori;” is a young woman content at looking at her world through young eyes; still pure and unabashed by life’s journey

Juxtaposed to Contentment is the first Three in the Strong Women Series ( #1, 2,& 4) who symbolize strength, maturity and the confidence of adulthood

second view strong woman Contentment: Lori

Strong Woman Series; Warrior Diana

10) Strong Woman Warrior Diane.

Warrior Diana is the strength of women, akin to the now fact that Amazon women did and still do exist. Today we know there is still one descendent living in Russia as a young girl of six years old, verified through DNA one from the grave of women dressed for war that became known as the Amazon Warrior Woman and our six-year-old Russian girl.

Seven Daughters of Eve

2) Seven Daughters of Eve: Bringing to life the discovery of Seven Strong women and their 21 daughters that whose mitochondrial DNA shows us the human population & evolution of the world.  Based on the Research by DNA Expert From Oxford University Bryan Sykes is Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Wolfson College.

At the end of this book is a portrait of the seven women and how they lived and how the daughters migrated to different parts of the world and started their own clans. My models joining me for this series all descend from these parts of the world where each model descends from.

If you have had your DNA tested and fall into the following categories please contact me. Strong Women Needed; from DNA line X,H,V,T,K & J contact Artists studio val @ Wauwatosa WI.

Seven Daughters of Eve My Models for the series correspond to the area’s of the world from where they descend from

Meet them

Diana Priewe

Diana Priewe

Diana is a representative of the X line I am still looking for two more models from this line

DNA X; Line  Diana Priewe Central Asia, Siberia & America’s: I still need two more models for this line

DNA H: Scandinavia, Brittain: need three

DNA V: France, Italy, Iberian Peninsula. need three

DNA T: Tuscany, north-west Italy: need three

DNA K, Piazza San Marco in Venice, Croatia, Alps, Pro Valley, Bogona, Milan, Turin. need three

DNA J: Euphrates River, Syria, Persian Gulf. need three

Linda & Ari Sanfilippo Lipp

DNA U: Mount Parnassus Greek Classical site of Delphi From this line we have Ari Lipp, Danielle Moen and I still need one model

Other Works of 2011

Lilie Lilium  a mosaic

Lillie was shown at the Oconomowoc Arts & Cultural center in April and took an honorable mention award

Native Birds

Native Birds

Native Birds are two Dry wall vases  of ancient mythical birds behind each bird is a pocket to insert dry flowers or stems. They are on display at the Arts Mill in Grafton

The remainder of the work from 2011 will be posted shortly

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