Work Shown for Display Brooklyn NYC See. Me Gallery

I am happy to announce that my work has been chosen to be exhibited in the See.Me Gallery of Brooklyn NYC, as part of  the Exposure 2013 Series.

Justine Blount Curator contacted me May 17th and had already chosen the entry she wanted to see blown up on the walls of the gallery in July of 2013.

My Grandfather is a fishermen

copywrite vl schleicher sculptures llc

My Grandfather is a Fishermen

Here is some press on the Gallery’s hard work

The New York TimesThe New York Times June 17, 2012 In a feature article, the New York Times calls See.Me (formerly Artists Wanted) a ‘website that illuminates artists,’ and ‘identifies artistic talent, exposing it to an international audience.’

VentureBeatVenture Beat December 17, 2012′ On See.Me, artists create online profiles and portfolios that can be easily shared. As the large and growing user base demonstrates, artists are hungry for new ways to put their work in front of an engaged audience.’

PandoDailyPando Daily January 18, 2013’…The latest celebrity to join the site, following the footsteps of Quest love and Reggie Watts, is Q-Tip, who signed on to judge a music contest awarding $30,000 in grants, a recording session and an exclusive listening party hosted by Downtown Records.’

i-D Magazinei-D Magazine December 14, 2012′ What began as a modest side-project in 2008 under the name Artists Wanted has evolved into a global community of creatives sharing their work with an audience of millions.’

ABC NewsABC News June 20th, 2012 ‘It was the biggest New York, New York moment you can get.’ – See.Me Exhibiting Artist Vicki DaSilva

Capital New YorkCapital New York June 19, 2012′ It doesn’t have to be in a gallery, which can be kind of alienating for a lot of people,’ See.Me CEO William Etundi said, ‘It can be fun, it can by dynamic and it can be very public.’ and ‘identifies artistic talent, exposing it to an international audience.’

New York 1New York 1June 20, 2012′ In terms of scale, it was one of the largest exhibitions of art New York City has ever seen.’

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