Save the Historical Eschweiler Buildings and Create a Creative Community space for all the community to use.

Hey Folks We need your help, developers in Milwaukee want to tear down five historic buildings for a number of reasons you all can decide for your selves. I would like to propose an alternative plan, Please if you feel so moved sign the petition and see the links I have attached on the background of this beautiful green space in Wauwatosa.

There will be a vote to tear down the first of Five buildings May 13th Wauwatosa City Hall at the Historical Preservation Committee.

Link to save the Eschweiler Buildings Please sign petition

Here are some links to the players:

some links

watch the video

and here are great pics in book form that you can page through to see the land

Our Math and Art side Amina

Rough outline of proposal:

Creative Industries Collaboration with UWM Foundation, Innovation Park, Mandel Group Inc
Utilization of Pump House for Creative Industries Art, Music Science and Math
Proposal by
Valorie Schleicher: VL Schleicher Sculptures LLC; Buy Local Art Wisconsin
Wauwatosa Resident, & Business Owner
225 Glenview Ave Wauwatosa WI. 53213

The Creative Industries across the United States has grown 38% over the last eight years in an economic downturn. It is the only industry growing in America. I am part of that growing movement bring the collaboration process of Community, Arts, Sciences (and Math, technologies), and Humanities.

The Eschweiler Buildings on the Milwaukee CO. grounds now owned by the UWM Foundation were granted Historic Preservation while the Pump House/ Power House was not. The pump house has a long history of creating energy for the Eschweiler Buildings and I propose to re-energize them with new energy utilizing the Creative Industries inspiration for an economic impact.

It is a well known Universal fact that the Arts, via Music, Literature, performance, Science and Math helps one understand how we are connected to each other and the world. Across America groups are collaborating with Communities, Industries and Business to create sustainable, eco friendly places to live, work and play. Look to America for the Arts attached on statistics for our county. Why not here in Wauwatosa?

Uses for Pump House/ Power House building:
A collaborative endeavor between Community, Art, Humanities & Science & Technology

Community Driven Enterprise with Community Access to the following:

Community & Cultural Center

Sustainable Building Solar, Water, Wind Technologies

• Restaurant & Wine Bar to support neighboring businesses and community
• Possible on site Green House and Gardens growing Organic food for Restaurant, possible collaboration with Milwaukee County and their re-location of their own houses due to Interchange
• Natural habitat gardens with utilization of run off water collected from basins
• Possible Community Gardens with harvest sold within property & prepared in on site restaurant
• Artists Studios & Shop Local Retail, includes local non-profit space for meetings and offices
• Ampitheater Stage performance out door & indoor space
• Humanities Health, Holistic Community space for teaching, learning & sharing
• Science and Technology Collaborating with the Arts: Music, Math Science events

1. Community & Cultural Actives

Outdoor Amphitheater / out door Movies
• Performance Area
• Local Dance & theater groups’ performance space
• Local Music Dance and Theater troupes utilizing Amphitheater stage

2. Arts

• Artists Studios & Shop Local Retail
• Retail for the Creators on site and local creators welcome
• Fine Art Gallery, Exhibitions where featuring local, Regional & International Artisans to show and sell their work

3. Humanities, Health & Holistic back to earth

• Eco friendly Natural Public Gardens
With park seating
Featuring Sculpture and Public Art
Walkways with teaching natural habituate behaviors to visitors

• Water for gardens utilizing run off from MMSD and surrounding property basins
• Gardens featuring Sculpture and Public Art
• Non-Profit Space for meetings and Offices

4. Sciences & Technology Teaching & Sharing

International Mathematical & Science Exhibitions Community Events
• Eminent Mathematicians and Scientist collaborating with the Arts in both music and Math.
Currently have seven such people coming from across the world to do an exhibition with my business; I still need a home for them currently looking at both Grafton and Richmond Virginia.
• Annual event June each year. Scholars from across the world sharing their knowledge and Art with the kids of our community
• Collaboration with local businesses, Innovation Park GE, MCW, Blood Center teaching and sharing of knowledge.

Support Groups and there are so many more.

We can collectively support and work with the following groups of our community
At Risk Kids
Milwaukee County Detention Center, Children’s home & foster homes
Milwaukee County Mental Health
Ronald McDonald House children & parents
Children’s Hospital
Suicide Prevention
Monarch Trail
Save the Eschweiler Building’s Org.
Wauwatosa Common Council and Historic Preservation Commission: Save the Eschweiler Historic District
Designed by A.C. Eschweiler, one of Milwaukee’s most renowned architects, and built with high quality materials and architectural details, the quality…

Creative Industries Collaboration with UWM Foundation_aa.doc
AAMap_11x14a copy.pdf

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