Advocating for the Arts: Evelyn Patricia Terry

Advocating for the Arts: By Evelyn Patricia Terry
I thought I share this with you Artisans as we have all run across this bias and exclusion, that causes separation between us and the our Audience. Thanks Evelyn for all you do

Artists grab a coffee or wine and have a read

Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:36 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

“Evelyn Patricia Terry”


I just want people to be aware that this happened and that I responded. Other artists might be impacted. I just want these people to have better sense and treat people with respect. And just think, Tom Lidtke, said this very important thing to me one day in passing before he retired.

“If we only do what is popular, we wouldn’t have those things that are important”
– Tom Lidtke, Museum of Wisconsin Art Emeritus Executive Director, 2010

Dear Ms. Laurie

Graeme Reid called me to say that my work was eliminated from the new
Museum of Wisconsin Art’s inaugural exhibition, because of lack of space. Thus I
am writing to you as the new executive director. Reid assured me that selected other “good” artists were also excluded with his final decision, after I offered smaller pieces as a solution. From my perspective as an artist advocate, this extremely unprofessional action from museum staff appears extremely rude, compromising, and inexcusable.

Arriving at a decision to “un-invite”t; artists for your inaugural event at the new MWA site,l9acks creativity and leadership. The time spent in the selection process and
retrieving my work from another gallery is lost. Plus, I entered the initial agreement
with Reid because of his past work for MWA under standards set during Tom
Lidtke’s tenure as executive director. After 67 years, on the planet,
with 40 plus years as a full time professional visual artist, that wasted time
is lost as is trust in Reid and the present leadership direction.

Never to my knowledge, locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally, has
any gallery or museum pulled such an unprofessional stunt like
“un-inviting”; artwork in an invitational exhibition.

My two pastels “Pandora's Box: The Very Nice Kid and Life is” and
“Watermelon Sliced” are in MWA’s collection, so my connection to the
museum’s legacy is presently evident. Although now compromised, my
professional relationship with MWA developed over time and its
continued rise in stature seemed evident.

An excellent example of reciprocity, professionalism, creativity, respect, and
doing things “just plain right” can
be gleamed from the selected information, attached below, about the March 11,
“Envisioning the Seen” event under the leadership of Historic Milwaukee, Inc. and
the Pabst Theater. This part of my legacy inspires and motivates. If there are questions, please
feel free to call me at 414.264.6766 (home phone) or 323.599.8884 (cell).


Evelyn Patricia Terry

Terry McCormick Gallery
2522 North 18th Street
PO Box 06375

Milwaukee, WI 53206-0375


Gallery: 414.264.6766

Link to my Portal Wisconsin blog:

“If we only do what is popular, we wouldn’t have those things that are important” – Tom Lidtke, Museum of Wisconsin Art

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