Adrian Spinks is a Artisan from the UK arrived last night from London.

Sharing from Buy Local Art Wisconsin is proud to Introduce our first International Artist of 2013 Adrian Spinks


Adrian Spinks is  an Artisan from the UK arrived last night from London. Adrian is the featured Artist for Global Fusion an International Art Exhibition curated by Paula DeStefanis Christensen, of the North Shore Academy of the arts and The Arts Mill in Grafton Wi.

I met Adrian in London when exhibiting at a show for Parallax AF, he had his work just to the left of me, a good sign all in all. I consider any energy coming into my space from the left as intended, supposed to be there kind of energy and always pay attention to it. Paula on the other hand got to know Adrian as she would come by and check in me; we had separate exhibition spaces for the show, which also included Susan Cibilka an Artist who also exhibits at the Arts mill in Grafton.

While Adrian is here for a short time we will be doing an Artisan Interview to be showcased here at Buy Local Art Wisconsin and our first of many featured 2013 Artisan interviews.

We will be posting a recording of his interview here so be on the look out for it. Global Fusion opens tonight and Adrian will speak tomorrow Sunday feb. 3rd at the Arts Mill from 1-2 pm. See TheArtsMill.Org under events for tonight’s show and be sure to rsvp if your going to come. Arians talk tomorrow is open to the public  please stop by; Grafton Arts Mill 1300 14th Ave, Grafton Wisconsin 53024.

About Adrian …

Artist Bio:


Photography has been a hobby of mine on and off for forty years – right from my junior school days of developing black and white prints at lunchtime in a make shift darkroom. Had my first SLR as a teenager (still 35mm film in those days!) and I enjoyed experimenting with lighting, angles and exposures getting mixed results but good fun! Then transferred onto digital during the 90’s and have had a range of cameras…Pentax, Nikon and several Canons. For many years I have ignored or chosen not to acknowledge my friends comments and encouragement about my photographs, eventually after much cajoling I had some printed onto canvas and had them exhibited – no one was more surprised than me when they sold off the walls!

Originally I trained as a draughtsman in the old fashioned way using paper and pencils, this instilled in me a love of perspective and consequently a tendency towards being very critical of artists who can’t get the perspective right!!!…a good painting can be ruined by bad perspective!! I enjoy landscape photography, but have also dabbled in portraiture and the occasional nude.

All the inks I use are guaranteed for at least 100 year as they are gallery archive inks which ensure vibrant colors and resistance to fading by light. The canvases are mounted on genuine 38mm gallery stretcher frames, these show the photos off to their best and even give a 3D effect when the image wraps around the frame.
I am happy to take on individual commissions as well. All my pictures are LIMITED EDITIONS and will be individually signed and numbered

Curriculum Vitae

Name;              Adrian Spinks


His web:

Face book

Twitter  /thephotoarchive

Address;          3 Church Terrace
Church lane
East Sussex
TN32 5PH
United Kingdom

D.O.B              10 Feb 1963

Synopsis; this is a CV for my Photographic career only, largely a hobby that has become more of an important outlet for my creative side.

1974…join a photography class in my lunchtimes at school, learned to develop black and white images and also made short animations using single frame animation methods.

1974 – 1977 had various 110 film snap cameras used for snaps on holiday and started to experiment with odd shots.

1977 Bought my first SLR a second hand Pentax, continued to play and experiment….learning how to use the different functions and what effects they create.

1977-1989 continued to play with SLR‘s ranging from Pentax to Vivitar all entry level cameras.

1989 Bought my first Digital camera a Canon this roughly coincided with my first reasonably decent computer an Amstrad 1640 which was barely able to type a letter, let alone edit digital photos.

1997 Upgraded camera to a Nikon still entry level but a slight improvement, got some good shots using this.

2000 Changed back to a canon 350D a huge leap in technology with 8 mega pixels!!!

2005 convinced myself I needed a better camera and whilst passing through Hong Kong on my way back from a trip to Australia I picked up a bargain saving £700 on the UK price…..and a leap to 16 mega pixels with a canon5D mk1…classed as a semi pro camera, I started to learn all over again.

2009 So impressed with the Mk 1 I decided to upgrade to the Mk2 and 21.1 Mega pixels truly amazing capabilities…

Totally self taught if I want to know anything I research and experiment, this also applies to Photoshop I have used it since it first came on the scene and use it to resize my images and occasionally take out unwanted items, I firmly believe there is no reason to alter a photo using software, you should use the camera to get the effect you desire through correct lenses and lighting.

I have only started to show and sell my work recently, being super critical of my own art, it took a lot of convincing by my friends and family to take that step.

Exhibition History

17-11-2012                 Official Photographer for the Robertsbridge Bonfire Society.

12-10-2012                 Parallax Art Fair @ Chelsea Old Town Hall.

25-08-2012                 Robertsbridge Art Fair.

12-08-2012                 Installed and opened a permanent exhibition at Eurasia a local                                                                                         Malaysian/Chinese restaurant and hotel.

26-11-2011                  Art, Furniture & Ceramic Exhibition @ Penhurst.

15-11-2011                  Official Photographer for the Robertsbridge Bonfire Society.

03-06-2011                 Untitled Artist Fair @ Chelsea Old Town Hall

April 2011                    Held a follow up exhibition at Penshurst point to Point meeting.

March 2011                 Set up an exhibition at Catsfield point to Point meeting.

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