Art Exhibitions: Art Lecture: Call for Art

our Art Show

You’ve got 24 hours to create your masterpiece!  Everyone is encouraged to participate.
Rule 1: The piece must be created in 24 hours.
Rule 2: All pieces must be on the canvases picked up at the Arts Mill for $15 each.
Rule 3: Pieces can’t exceed the canvas perimeter.
Rule 4: Pieces must be dry and ready to hang.
Canvas pick up date: Thursday, January 24th
                                 11am-5pm at Arts Mill
Canvas drop-off: Friday, January 25
                          11am-5pm at Arts Mill
January 26 – Show Opening and Auction
Canvases will be auctioned off at a starting point of $30 per canvas.  Artists retain 90% of the sale.
$15 for the first canvas, and $10 for each additional submission.
Sign up in person or on-line at: (which links directly to the show) or
Global Fusion global fusion graphic
An International Evening of the Arts
Arts Mill (on 2nd and 3rd levels)
February 2nd, 2013
The evening includes: an international
Art Show featuring special showcased art from NSAA’s Gallery of the Earth Initiative including:
International Food
International Entertainment
International Wine
$16 per person
(a not-for-profit organization)
Don’t Miss a free art lecture with UK-based photographer Adrian Spinks!
England based Photographer Adrian Spinks will be traveling to the Arts Mill for the Global Fusion exhibition. As part of this series, he will offer a free lecture on his photos and travel experiences while on shoot. His travels have included (most recently) Burma, Italy and Indonesia.
Sunday February 3rd 1-2pm
The Arts Mill – 3rd floor
Please call to reserve your free spot 262-377-3516

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