Call for Artists: 24 Hour Art Show

24 Hour Art Show


You've got 24 hours to create your masterpiece!
Everyone is encouraged to participate.
Rule 1: The piece must be created in 24 hours.
Rule 2: All pieces must be on the canvases picked up at the Arts Mill
for $15
Rule 3: Pieces cannot exceed the perimeter of the canvas.
Rule 4: Pieces must be dry and ready to hang.
Canvas pick up date: January 24, 11-5pm Arts Mill 
Canvas drop-off: Friday January 25, Arts Mill (11 to 5pm)
Saturday, January 26 – Show Opening and Auction
Canvases will be auctioned off at a starting point of $30 per canvas.
Artists retain 90% of the sale.
$15 for the first canvas, and $10 for each additional submission.
Sign up in person or on-line at: 

Register early; there will be limited to canvases.Paula D. Christensen
Programming Director 
North Shore Academy of the Arts
The Arts Mill

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