Exhibiting at Gallery 224 Fish and Ships Exhibition thru Sept. 3rd 2012

I am Exhibiting in Fish and Ships through Sept 3rd. 2013

Enjoy a afternoon of images from Fish and Ships at Gallery 224

Over 25 participating artists from Madison, Milwaukee, Sheboygan
and Ozaukee county as well as Stoddard, Wisconsin have contributed to this show
. One artist
created a series of portraits of people who fish at the Port Washington marina daily.  

Exhibition runs through September 2, 2012

Samuel Benavides | Tom Dent | Patrick Doughman
Lesley Etters | Julie Frothingham | Veronica Jayne Gagliano
Shirley Gruen | Robert Hagen | John Kubowicz
Dan Laurence | Claudette Lee-Roseland | Gina Litherland
Dale Van Minsel | Martin Morante | Becca Mulenburg
Katie Musolff | Sandra Pape | Lou Probst
Hal Rammel | Valorie Scheicher | Kelly Thorn Dulka
Andy Schumann | Janice Walczak | Amy and Pat Otis Wilborn
Cynthia Lorenz | Chuck Whitehouse

Gallery 224 is a beautiful gallery overlooking the Port Washington marina.
Its purpose is to provide a space where emerging artists and art students can show
their work alongside established artists. Exhibitions are curated in a way that teach
and inform the viewer, while inspiring and challenging them.

Exhibitions include a diverse range of art media and artistic approaches,
unified around a common theme. Gallery 224 is a non-profit organization
committed to providing a venue for thinking about art.

Director: Jane Suddendorf | Secretary: Susan Niederfrank
Treasurer: Terie Leicht | Advisory Board: TBD
Support Gallery 224 | Press Releases

Media Advisor: F. Martin Morante | Webmaster: Barbara Olson

Contact  gallery224@gmail.com


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