Call for Artist Intern(s) three positions June 2012

Call for Artist Intern(s) three positions June 2012

Now accepting letters of intent for the 2012/13 MARN Arts Administration protege positions.

Public Art Administrator Protégé with Mentor Pegi Christensen

Pegi Christiansen is the chair and site manager for IN:SITE, fostering temporary public art (which includes performance art), and is a public art consultant. In 2013, there will be a new ten-day Digital Billboard Art initiative in Milwaukee. In addition, Christiansen is working to advance a concept that pairs both permanent and temporary public art. Christiansen seeks either an artist or emerging arts administrator for 10-20 hours a month to gain experience in how to curate, manage, promote, and maintain temporary public art that involves community engagement as a key component. Average commitment is 20 hours per month.

Outreach with Mentor Liz Carr

Liz Carr is MARN’s Outreach Manager Working under the direction of Liz Carr and in conjunction with the members of the membership committee this position is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to learn the ins and outs of building and managing the various types of relationships needed to fuel a successful non-profit. From membership recruitment, maintenance, and retention, to partner programs and events and even some volunteer coordination and management. Average commitment is 8 hours per week

General Arts Administration with Melisa Musante

From fundraising, to relationship building, to program scheduling, to event planning, to plain old boring filing, a non-profit leader wears many hats. Working under the direction of MARN’s Executive Director and in conjunction with each of the various team leaders this protege will learn a mixed bag of tasks. At the beginning of the mentorship period the protege will choose an area of focus with a special project they will be directly responsible for leading. This is a deeply engaging way to build you non-profit management chops! Average commitment is 8-10 hours per week

The term of the Arts Admin mentorships run from June 2012 through August of 2013.

Successful candidates will be highly organized and self motivated.

Arts Admin proteges, unlike the fine arts tracks of MARNmentors, may still be in school and there is no tuition.

To apply for any of the Arts Admin Protege positions please send a one page letter of intent and current resume to:

Please include the subject line Admin: and the specific focus (i.e. public art, platforming, outreach, etc). Letters of Intent are due June 25th, 2012.


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