Val Exhibiting in the MIAD Alumni Exhibition March 23-May 29th

I am pleased to announce I have been juried into the MIAD Alumni Show and exhibition showing March 23-May 29th at the Arts Mill Gallery in Grafton WI, 1300 14th Ave.

MIAD juried three works of Art from the Strong Woman Series

The Strong Woman Series is a collection of women’s’ faces within sculptural ground that symbolizes the various moments in ones lives, moments defined through and about women.

Strong Woman Series; Contentment (Lori)

The Strong Woman: Contentment, Lori: is that moment of soft contemplation that a woman finds themselves at different points in their life.  Contentment Lori; is a young woman content at looking at her world through young eyes; still pure and unabashed by life’s journey

Valorie Schleicher StrongWoman_Jen#1

StrongWoman #1 Jen in the series

The Strong Woman: Jen, is nestled within symbolic dreamlike images in the background. Each of the 15 images in her backdrop are items from 15 Artisans that were selected to be included in the work. Stoneware with Majolica glaze & enamel

Valorie Schleicher-Turtle Island

Valorie Schleicher-Strong Woman Series-Turtle Island-Lori

The Strong Woman: Turtle Island; Lori, is based on Native American Lore when the caretaker of the earth was represented by a woman. Here she is the earth, woman, plant, the living system of life that we depend on.

The Gallery Hours are 11-5 Tues through Saturday, 1300 14th Avenue The Old Flour Mill on the milwaukee River in Grafton Enter through the blue door.

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