Val Opening for Global Fusion Feb 3rd & 4th

copywrite vl schleicher sculptures llc

The Fishermen are in Port

Global Fusion soft opening (open to public) Friday Feb 3rd 6-9 and a paid event Saturday Feb 4th,  Saturdays event:

Enjoy a great evening that will take you out of the cold weather, and will give you a ride around the world without leaving Grafton.

The evening includes:

International Art Show, Food, Entertainment, Crafts and Wine.

2 Global Art Exhibits.

Tapas from 11 countries.

Live Multi-Cultural Music

Fair trade and ethnic items from around the world for sale in our “Market” place.

Cash bar featuring wines from around the world.

The Arts Mill (2nd & 3rd Levels)

February 3rd, 2012 (open to public)

February 4th, 6 to 10pm ($16 top reserve your space)

1300 14th Ave., Grafton


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