Call for Art: Forks & Corks Sept 14th 2012

Forks & Corks will be September 14th 2012 at the West Allis West Farmers Market we are in our Seventh year, this event is a mingling of Fine Art, Wine Tasting and Music and Food. Participants meander through booths of each through o ut the market. This is a well attended event. Artisans this is a great place to show large scale works as well as show your work with a non-traditional setting. On each side of you is either food or wine. This event fill quickly so get your apps in early.

To get app and read more click hereForks & Corks 2012

3 Responses to “Call for Art: Forks & Corks Sept 14th 2012”
  1. Hi Val,
    Please include me/Shelly Orlandini in the Forks & Corks 2012
    plus Festa 2012.
    Debbie Burkart

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  1. […] To get application and read more click Forks & Corks […]

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