Vals Photography Opening at Museum of Wisconsin Art: 12/4/2011 1:30-4:00 P.M.

copywrite vl schleicher sculptures llc

My Grandfather is a Fishermen

An Opening reception for one of my Photography works “My Grandfather is a Fishermen” is on display at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in, West Bend with a reception being held on

Sunday, December 4, 1:30 – 4:00 P.M. 2011

Museum of Wisconsin Art is at

300 S. 6th Ave. West Bend, WI

Phone: 262-334-9638

This is a group exhibition of Wisconsin Artisans

A little more about the Museum:

Exterior of the Museum of Wisconsin Art The Museum of Wisconsin Art was founded in 1961 to collect the works of Milwaukee-born artist Carl von Marr (1858-1936). It currently holds the best and most comprehensive collection of his work anywhere. In 1998, after recognizing that no institution was building a comprehensive survey collection of Wisconsin art, the Early Wisconsin Art Collection was unveiled on the state’s sesquicentennial. This has grown to be the most comprehensive collection of its kind anywhere.

MWA is a collaborator in the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards along with Wisconsin Visual Artists and the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. The goal of the WVALAA is to elevate the status of Wisconsin’s visual art by honoring those whose contributions are substantial and in many cases often overlooked by people outside of our region. MWAreceived one of these prestigious awards

copywrite vl schleicher sculptures llc

My Grandfather is a Fishermen

45 years of collecting and championing Wisconsin art. The same day MWA was awarded, the state legislature issued a proclamation acknowledging the fact that the Museum of Wisconsin Art is, to all intents and purposes, the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

The MWA continues to grow its collection and fulfill its mission to collect, conserve, document and exhibit Wisconsin art through the ages and to educate the public about its cultural value.


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