Tosa Fest Artisans 2011

Tosa Fest is almost upon us and we wanted to share some tidbids on our Artisans for 2011

Tosa Fest 2011 Fine Art Show Sat. Sept 10th 11:30-7pm

“Art in Unexpected Places”

On Saturday September 10th 2011, from 11:30 am to 7 pm, Tosa fest will be showcasing the works of local artists and community organizations at the Hawood/Maxines Stage area (Watertown plank rd & Harwood ave by the little red store). Tosa Fest Art show is in it’s 6th year and will have on display works of Art in a wide variety of media including, Painting, Photography, jewelry, Wearable, digital and Sculpture Artists will be showing for one day only.

This year’s artisans

Debra Strubbe Burkhart

Acrylics, Giclee prints, Photography

Paris fragments done on raw canvas with magic marker and acrylic paint

She loves it when people get involved with my paintings. Remembering a time when they were in Paris or just special moments. One thing that stands out about her art is the combination of mediums used that gives a unique style.

Darci Freitag

Acrylic Paintings email

Darci’s work today symbolizes the feminine form and feelings that goes along with the representation of women in our culture. As a feminist, she believes it is important to represent women not as objectified individuals, but rather as beautiful, harmonious creatures on earth.

Mike Frye

Metaphysical Healing Jewelry

Mike offers a wide variety of semi precious stones that can enhance your energy field for specific ailments, healing and attracting certain energies into your space. A must see! http://www.vlsculptures/

Donna Pogliano Jewelry Girly Girl Collection

Girly Girl pieces are beautiful, wearable art jewelry. Many pieces are made with semi-precious gemstones and other natural materials from earth and sea that add sentiment, sparkle and luster to the creations.

Shelly Orlandini Photography

Shelly collects the images of everyday life in America and Europe. Her eye catches the things we may miss as we walk down the street. Shelly’s work can be seen at each gallery night at Orlandini’s studios on 6th & Virginia.

CJ Sanculi

Unique one of a kind hand knit Jewelry, email

CJ works in several mediums…fiber and paper along with soaps, lotions and shower gels. CJ one of those individuals that others love to hate because of her creativity where she has never taken a class or any type of instruction related to the things that she creates.

Tracy Potrzebowski,

The Sewing Girl, A wonderful Sewing Artisan Wearable Art

Zewing Girl Tracy Potrzebowski Unique hand made clothing, hair barrettes, book covers & place holders a craft that is not seen too much anymore. Tracy has a great collection for you and your Childrens everyday wearable clothing.

Nicole Berlowski, Milwaukee, Fabric Works The lovely Poppy

An ecletic artisan offering hand made accessories, Nicole describes her work as Poppy petals, purses, headbands, and other fabric accessories. fabric.. BRIGHT, fun, modern, unique and personal. We welcome her first year at Tosa Fest.

Lynn Salzman Jelly Fish Joy

We offer a full selection of handmade glass beads ranging in prices, shapes, colors and styles – for all varieties of projects.CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOMED.You will find HANDBLOWN GLASS BEADS, glass jars, glass flowers,aromatherapy oils, handmade goat’s milk soap (STUFF), jewelry, rocks,minerals, handspun fibers and Llama yarns, weaving, ceramics, paintings,plants, and MORE! It’s a constantly changing environment.

Kristeen Toeller- Acrylic on canvas

Kristeen Toeller- Acrylic on canvas The strongest inspiration for me is color. I am automatically drawn to anything that has bright colors. My style is contemporary and I enjoy painting flowers and animals, there is a definite apparent graphic influence in my artwork. There are three series that I have primarily been concentrating on the last couple of years. I like to challenge myself and ask myself what I can do to take my designs to the next level so my work is always evolving.

Julie Bischoff Jewels by Jules,

Welcome to jewels by jules! My beaded, wire wrapped and hand stamped jewelry has been described as unique and whimsical. I love to create the pieces for your everyday enjoyment. All of the jewelry listed is ready to ship from a smoke free and pet free home and comes with free shipping!

I also love to take nature photography-all of the pictures are as taken and not retouched. the photograph cards take 2-3 days to process before being sent out from the same smoke free and pet free home, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it! Custom orders are absolutely welcome – just let me know what you are looking for!

Valorie Schleicher, Wauwatosa, Sculptor/Photographer

Valorie has taken seven awards for her Strong Woman series this year alone and will be showing her recent Sculptures from that series along with a few nature based art works and photography. Valorie’s work can be seen at the Dooryard gallery in Elm Grove, WI and online at

Luci’a D’Acquisto

I have an extensive backround in retail and management. Last Fall I decided to start a home business selling women’s accessories. I began by having house parties where 10-20 women would attend. I started selling jewelry, but now have expanded tohats, scarfs and clothing items. I wanted to reach a larger audience, so I decided the best way was to be a vendor at some of Milwaukee’s great Summer festivals. I enjoy the process of choosing my items, I like detail and items that have an interesting fun flavor. I want my customers to enjoy what they buy, and for items to be affordable. My customers are my favorite part of being in business for my self.I always get excited when new merchandise arrives. I believe if you love what you do you will be successful in life. I This is a new adventure and it takes work, dedication and a lot of faith, but it’s all worth it. My goal in near future is to manifest a permanent retailstore front in the Wauwatosa or surrounding area. I want to thank my amazing friends & my loyal customers for believing in me and my dream. I could not be on this journey without their support!

Donna Poglino

Girly Girl Baubles and

Girly Girl Baubles and Beads is all about creating beautiful, wearable art jewelry. Pieces to own, to love and to wear again and again.

The inspiration for pieces from the Girly Girl “Earthly Pleasures” line is the beauty and diversity of nature. Created from beautiful things of earth and sea, semi-precious gemstones and shells, these pieces are designed to be beautiful, natural art that are a pleasure to own and wear.

All Girly Girl pieces are designed to be comfortable and durable for lasting beauty and wearability.
Perfect for yourself or to give as a gift.

Tosa Skateboarders United will be updating the community on the progress of their Skate Park that will be at Hart Park in the future.

See the music lineup at and more about the artisans at

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