Zewing Girl Tosa Fest Artisan Interview Tracy Potrzebowski

Tracy  Potrzebowski aka the Zewing Girl

Tracy has shown at a number of events including Tosa Fest and a stint at the State Fair last year. We are so glad to have her back her creations are simple and elegant, they have the feel of being home spun, creative and alive.

Here is her thoughts on her work and inspirations

First off – can we have a little background information on you – Where

you live? (if you don’t mind answering) 

I reside in Wauwatosa, my family moved here when I was in high school and after I was married my husband and I bought a home here and knew it would be a great community to raise a family.

What motivates you?

My children, I think it is pretty cool that I can stay home with them and pursue my dream and they get to witness that.

What inspires you?

Fabric, blogs, fashion

Are you working on any new Projects (if more than one);

zipper pouches, pencil cases, skirts for little girls

What advice would you a young Artisan in promoting their Art?

Blog, blog, and more blogging…I need to take my own advice.  Network with other artists, you can gain some valuable information from your peers!!

Do you think that being an Artisan is something that is in your blood? Or is it something that can be learned?

You know I am a late bloomer, I think I have always had creativity inside me but just needed to find the outlet for it. I also think it is something that is constantly evolving.

What is the best advice you have ever been given in your field of Art? 

Cultivate the relationships with your customers, it’s not just the quality of your work that keeps them coming back.

How many hours do you work daily on your Art and what are your daily

tasks for your work?

Well I should be diligently working an eight-hour day, but it never works that way, especially if you are a creative brain, it’s not like punching a clock. I am a very last-minute worker so sometimes it will be several days of working 14 or 16 hours days before a big show.

What will you be showing at the Tosa Fest Fine Art Show? 

All of my usual suspects but hope to showcase more of my upcycled skirts and scarves for fall.

You can read more about our Tosa Fest Artisans here http://wp.me/pO9du-vH

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