Cynthia Collins Forks & Corks Artisan

Cynthia Collins

Where do you live?



What first drew me to Art?

Quilting with my Grandmother.


How long ago was that?

I started quilting when I was four years old.


How would you describe your medium?

I would with a variety of mediums and they all have their attraction.  Some, like chain maille provide a very structured framework to work within.  Others like polymer clay provide a very

tactile and organic freedom to explore.



What does it feel like to create?


Freedom.  Freedom to use whatever medium

calls to me today.  Freedom to use whatever colors I “feel” today.

Freedom to repeat something I’ve done before or jump into something completely

new.  Freedom.


What motivates you?


Sense of accomplishment.


What inspires you?


My work is often influence by my emotions, the

colors around me, and often people (Family, Friends, co-workers).


Are you working on any new Art Projects (if more than one);

I am drawn to Polymer Clay right now.  I’m working to be more free in my work with

less structure and rules.


Tell us about your main project?

There are several new techniques in the works but the main one I’m focusing on right now is adding Resin to my pieces.


Why did you choose this forum to express your art?

In a word, FUN.


This will  be my third year at this event and I always meet such fun people.  The

atmosphere is so relaxed.


Where are you at with your main project now?

Early stages but these types of  explorations generally result great things very quickly.


What advice would you a young Artisan in promoting their Art?


Know your targeted audience and market accordingly.  If your art will attract

certain age groups or has ethnic influences or geographic content, market in

places and ways that target those markets.  As an example, you will be much more

successful targeting a young audience electronically through Facebook, Twitter,

etc.  This approach may not be as successful with an older audience.


Do you think that being an Artisan is something that is in your blood?

Or is it something that can be learned?


Both!  I have always “doodled” or had a

need to keep my hands busy.  I had to be “taught” what I was creating was

art.  I am very grateful to the people I’ve been blessed to meet that have helped

me understand this.


What is the best advice you have ever been given in your field of



Make what you like, not what you think your customer will like.  No matter

how well executed, if you don’t like what you’ve made it will show in your

work.  When you love what you’re creating its like a piece of you is embedded in

the piece.  A customer can’t help but feel that special nature when they see or

touch your art.


How many hours do you work daily on your Art and what are your daily

tasks for your work?


This varies a great deal based on my other daily

obligations.  I try to spend 2-3 hours per day but this rarely happens.  At a minimum I

target an hour a day looking at things that inspire me.  I try to create one

thing every day.  It can be something that takes 10 minutes or 10 hours.  It just

needs to be something.


What will you be showing at the Forks & Corks Fine Art Fair?

My art is almost exclusively Jewelry.  The mediums are varied and will include

chainmaille, glass, polymer clay and more.


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