When Inspiration is far from the present; Play

It seems that my inspiration has been lacking or is it motivation? I decided to begin a new series I call emerging, It seems that when these times of no inspiration present themselves; times are just the right times to begin something new, so I play in clay.

I have been working in a strong woman series and here I created three women emerging from a growth of leaves each beautiful in her own right.

Each stand approx 10″ to 11″ x  6″ x 4″

Emerging 1

Once she was compleated I began another.

Emerging 2

Yesterday I compleated the third

Emerging 3

Here is # 3 with a black back ground.

I am not sure where the series will lead, I begin another today. Since they are solid they will take some time to dry. However, number 1 & 2 are already dry and the third is sitting on the porch drying as I write this.


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