Vitality Art Show 2011 re-cap

A beautiful day on the beautiful grounds of the Aurora center in Tosa at the Kradwell School ground. Being in a park like setting with hundreds of trees and plantings among  all the buildings. Kradwell is tucked away towards the back of the property off of Chestnut and Dewey, and you could see the historical buildings and beautifully maintained landscape.

The gardens were in bloom, and the current Kradwell students created various pieces of art that was placed around the garden; a paper mache fish in the pond, a bull-dog along the path, a shell light that hung in the shed lighting the way for the kids that handed out the popcorn.

The Artisans were setting up as the flowers were being sorted for pick up. Sat was the day that you could pick up your orders placed earlier in March. The grounds were busy with activity. All the artisans setting out their Art for the best possible display. In the back ground you could hear the rumble of the cars at state fair park. We hoped it would not last all day, and soon ended.

As we opened the lot began to fill with clients and customers, a little light rain shower started, yet  people kept coming. Families, young couples with their dogs out for walk on the grounds, everyone walked from booth to booth engaging the artisans buying their favorite pieces. Then it rained some more, and the artisans sold more through out day.

The kids area was set up just off the gardens with two large tables small clay pots, a container of mastic and bins full of colorful bead, glass marbles and felt alphabet. The kids worked on mosaic pots, and did their art on tiles that they placed in bags and proudly carried home. Two Pet therapy dogs were on hand to educate people on how much animals help people to heal. Waukesha Humian Society (HAWS) was on hands with a few animals that needed adoption, Music from a gazebos could be heard throughout the grounds all day.

Megan Beine and Erin Groshek of Aurora Zilber Family Hospice Volunteer were on hand to talk about volunteer opportunities. Information was available on the Kradwell  School and the kids that attend were throughout the grounds assisting where ever they could.

Master Gardner were on hand to answer questions on gardening needs. Vermiculture folks and Go Green from the Tosa village talked about composting and worms and rain barrels.

Even with the rain the Artisan were able to donate a sizable sum to the Kradwell School Scholarship Fund, so those who came bought. So thanks to all that showed, all whom bought, and all the helped make a number of students scholarships available for those that attend Kradwell.

The date for the 2012 Vitality Fine Art Fair “Creating Life Pathways” is set for May 19th 2012, see you all there


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