Artisan Interviews with Ron Quimby Vitality Fine Art Show “Creating Life Pathways” Event at Kradwell in Tosa

Ron Quimby of Wauwatosa

A Ron Quimby Creation

Ron Quimby of Wauwatosa will be joining us and here is a little about him

First off – can we have a little background information on you – Where
you live? (if you don’t mind answering)

I live in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, 1814 N. 58th St., Milwaukee, WI. I am married to Dona and have two children who both live in Milwaukee, which means that my five grandchildren also live here in Milwaukee.

What first drew you to Art?

I was first drawn to Photography in the 1960’s while serving in the Air Force in Southeast Asia.
How long ago was that?

45 Years ago
How would you describe your medium?

Primarily “Nature Photography”, but I am also drawn to Architectural Photography.
What does it feel like to create?

It is amazing to realize that I have gotten an image that portrays just what I saw with my eye. Most of the time that does not happen. You have to work and take a lot of images to finally get an image that satisfies you.
What motivates you?

Mother Nature!

What inspires you?

My family; wife Dona, two children and five grandchildren

Are you working on any new Art Projects (if more than one);

1) Tell us about your main project?

My most recent project was a photo shoot of the great spring migration of Sand Hill Cranes along the Platte River in central Nebraska.
2) Why did you choose this forum to express your art?

This is truly one of the great spectacles of nature. Jane Goodall says it is one of the top ten events in the world.
3) Where are you at with your main project now?

I am currently working with the thousand or so images that I took to find the gems and to prepare them for publication.
What advice would you a young Artisan in promoting their Art?

Start small, But START!
Do you think that being an Artisan is something that is in your blood?

I’m not sure, I think that there is a curiosity that must be allowed to come out and to grow. It is so important to be in an environment that allows that growth. This is why I feel so strongly that we can not allow the “Arts” to be taken away from our young people. The greatest mistake we are making right now is cutting the arts out of our school’s budgets. There are just countless anecdotal stories of children who have been “saved” by someone who took the time to nurture the art out of them.
Or is it something that can be learned?

I know that you can always learn more about how to better your art. I think this may be particularly true in photography. Photography, while an art, is still very technical in execution.
What is the best advice you have ever been given in your field of Art?

Being told that: “You are very good, you should share your work with others”
How many hours do you work daily on your Art and what are your daily
tasks for your work?

This really varies from day to day. I can spend 12 hours a day when I am on a photo shoot, or maybe just a couple.
What will you be showing at the Vitality Fine Art Fair, Creating Life
Pathways; in the
Learning Gardens at Kradwell?

I will be showing my photography in framed & Matted Photos, Matted Photos and Photo Note Cards

See Ron’s web site and Contact Ron at

More interviews to follow-You can read about the other Artisans who will be showing by clicking here


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