Artisan Interviews with Pat Nickel Vitality Fine Art Show “Creating Life Pathways” Event at Kradwell in Tosa

Today we hear from Pat Nickel who is a glass Artisan. Pat will be joining us for the Vitality Fine Art Fair “Creating Life Pathways”, a community event for the whole family. May 21st at 1220 Dewy Ave, the Aurora Center, we will be just outside the Kradwell Leaning Gardens, come join us.

Now a little from Pat Nickel

A Pat Nickel Creation

I now live in Johnsburg Il. with my husband and son.  I have one daughter and three sons my studio is in my home. I was born and raised in La Salle Peru Il. Just minutes from Starved Rock State Park. Being raised near 3 State Parks gave me a very strong love of nature and all she has to offer. I received a degree in floral art design from the American Floral art institute. From there I have worked and managed everything from flower shops to greenhouses and nurseries.

My love of glass can best be described as an addiction but one can only keep so much. In making my art gives me a sense of peace and seeing the end product sometimes makes it hard to part with. When I find a great piece of glass I will usually let it sit for a while and just look at it until I can see the best way to utilize it. I certainly don’t feel like an artist  and never considered what I do as art but it’s what it has been called. Lots of times I feel as if I am cheating because I see the art others do and am blown away by their talent.

I have no set time for work, I just do it. And there are those time when I am in my studio that I get nothing done because nothing moves me or looks just right. But just being there is like my own space and no bothers me, all is good.

As far as advice do what is fun and you enjoy don’t let someone tell you “oh that’s just crafts”; Who is anyone to say what is fine art and what is crafts, and where is that line drawn.

Contact: or On Facebook look for Garden Sparkle,

More interviews to follow-You can read about the other Artisans who will be showing by clicking here


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