MOCT/Art Bar Hosts Val’s Art works

The Milwaukee Art Beat (MOCT) or the “Art Bar” (240 e. Pittsburg street, Milwaukee WI.) that many of you are familiar with is hosting my Art work through mid-late April.

This is a Annie B production, ( co-hosted by Nick Ramsey, (Nicholas Ramsey on Facebook) and producer of the Dan Jam Music Festival in Kenosha, Amanda Iglinski curator of the Art show (, David Press author ( .

The Art Bar is all about supporting and promoting Milwaukee’s Art and Artists.

We opened the show last night to a large crowd of Artisans and Art Lovers. We mingled and admired the work from many artists: Ellie Nocun of, Damon Joy of, Matt Spidell on Facebook, our own Buy Loca Art Brittany Farina of, Kelli Busch of, Kary Calabrese of, Sarah Risley of Sara Risley Fine Art Digital Photography on Facebook, Vibrant of, Jodie Niles of, Carmelo Cortes of, Carmon Bond of, Anton Carter of

I am betting with Anton that he and I are related as my ancestry on my paternal side has a host of Carters starting with Nathan Carter who was abducted by Shawnee Indians in the mid 1700’s and Levi Carter my fourth generation grandfather.

The stage works featured Matthew Schroeder playing guitar ( and gave a stunning performance. Elizabeth Shipe, Melissa A Czarnik, Nate Press.

David Press who put on the evening play work was loved by all.

The evening brought out many old friends from MIAD Melissa Dorn Richards and a former alumni and I meet a slew of new ones.

I am so looking forward to seeing what Mohammed  Bility, executive director of NetTech X , a Net  Technology Expert, will do for me for a new website, he’s quoting it now. My VlSculptures site was hacked the week I opened in the Coos Bay Art Museum.  What kind of timing was that? People went to my site to see art and found pron links all over it. I had to take it down and have been looking for a web expert ever since.Then I need to automate the Buy Local Art Wisconsin site so that it is easier to update. Our conversation was very promising I am very excited to see what he can do

I am showing the Spring, Summer and winter leaves.

Spring: Green (chromium) White (tin) almost egg like, the green struggles to get out of the ground with its gagged movements; then poof green mounds through the snow. This leaf can hang both ways

Summer:  Bright Yellow leaf, within a tree textures flow from piece to piece.

Winter: The cool colors of red earth and light snowy texture over the leaves. Some green still grows through; the clay earth begs to peer through the light snow.

So if you get the Chance stop by MOCT the Art Bar and enjoy the Art.


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