Call For Art; Banner Design/Art Proposals: Grafton WI.

this just in from Paula of NSAA

Village of Grafton seeking Artists

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Banner Design/Art Proposals 

The Village of Grafton’s Public Arts Board is requesting proposals from
artists to design artwork for placement on 4 banners. The 18 inch by 36
inch banners will be suspended from street light posts in Grafton’s
Paramount Plaza. The selected artist will be awarded $500. One
completed design plus 3 additional sketches must be submitted by March
16 to the Grafton Village Hall. The art design must share some common
design element as well as visually support the Village’s musical and
cultural legacies of Paramount Record’s production of blues records from
1917 – 1932. To learn more about the banner project, see

Paula D. Christensen
Programming Director
North Shore Academy of the Arts
1111 Broad Street
Grafton, WI 53024


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