Images of the Blizzard of 2011 Feb 2nd, Southeastern Wisconsin

A Blizzard as defined by the weather bureau is 35 mile per hour winds and visibility of 1/4 mile or less. We knew it was coming and did a plowing mid day yesterday. Throughout the night the wind howled and the trees and house shook. We woke up this morning and could not see out of a few windows so we investigated further as soon as we opened the window to clear the snow from the screen here is what we got:

a window sill full of snow and then we peered out the window

excuse the shot you’re looking through the screen

Unsatisfied with the view (this is a south view) we looked from the back door porch

here is a shot from the window next to the door

We looked out the west window on the porch and here is what we got 

We took some images from the windows inside the house North, this is my neighbor Keith’s house and drive that is about 6′

a few more view’s poor Keith part of the drive is clean the rest is huge drifts

The east and South Mrs Bee’s House

My Back yard is three levels of Gardens looking past the cars there seems to be no steps going up the hill it actually looks like level ground

Wonder if we can get out? So Joe downs his snow gear and goes out. I try to convince him to take the little camera but he shrugged it off, “Ah it’s just snow” gotta love that man. It does not look too bad but looks can be deceiving. Joe takes his shovel and is ready to do battle

A short time later, like 5 minutes, He calls from the garage and says come on out and get some picture. So here are a few more I slowly followed in his footsteps…

Pictures as I wonder out doors to get a few shots these are North east south and west

Now remember we can’t get out of the back door remember the kitchen windows

Here is a few more yard shots

Now remember that window I could not see out of here are those shots from outside

Now the Kitchen window and back door shots from out side looking in. No wonder the snow came in the window.

here is the whole collection in a slide show. Happy Shoveling if you’re in the path of the blizzard and keep laughing the rest of you, we all get our day with mother nature.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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