Call for Art: Festa Italiana 2011 Deadline 3/15/2011

Festa Italina

Festa Italiana

July 21th-24th 2011

note this is a change from third week to fourth week in July

Festa Italiana is a four-day Cultural Celebration of Italian Americans, we get over 100,000 people in attendance and showcase Italian American Artists 10% of Artisans Sales/Commissions goes to the Italian Community Center here in Milwaukee WI.

Terms of Entry and Participation: You must me of Italian Descent Juried Art & fine Craft events organized by an Artist & Arts Advocate, all items must be designed and handmade by the registered artist(s).  Acceptable works include all fine art, and high quality Art and Craft, all mediums including –   jewelry, fiber, glass, ceramic, sculpture, metal,  photography, dance, woodworking, writers, painting, watercolor,  literature, for film or video artists provides own equipment.Exhibitors selected to participate will be provided with a layout and set up information via Email.   Please note: Artist is expected to supply everything for their booth unless renting. You must be present the full-time of the event; Or a qualified Representative.
TO JURY:  Email or mail three jpgs/photo/slides  Mail to VL Schleicher at 225 Glenview Ave, Wauwatosa WI. 53213  An Artists statement must be sent to applyfineart @vlsculptures. com  Photos/slides will be returned to all applicants providing you have sent a self-addressed envelope or they can be returned at the event.  If more than one artist per booth include extra booth fee of $50.00 You’ll need Artist Statement, which needs to include Province and City in Italy where you descend from, include main surnames (emailed) For Jury 3 images of your Art

2011festaapplication Date change

Note Date change from third week to fourth

2 Responses to “Call for Art: Festa Italiana 2011 Deadline 3/15/2011”
  1. Hi Val,
    Shelly Orlandini and myself will be interested in doing all the art fairs sign us up!

    • Send the paperwork in your already juried from last year no need to do it again. Note new this year the late fee, deadline changes, press releases info will be sent to you after I receive your artists statement via email two blogs will post all artisan info and printed press releases and in some cases printed brochures. Also note the change of date for Festa Italiana July 21-24 a strange move caused by summerfest revising their dates.

      Talk soon Can’t wait for the season to begin. Have great one- and thanks for posting- look for the new show being posted by the 20th of Jan – mark your calendar for May 21st.

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