Paramount Art Work almost ready

Here is an update on my work of Art started at the Paramount Grille and Bakehouse earlier this month.
Nothing like a falling leave wall sculpture to capture the falling leaves of autumn. Done in stoneware white and red.

At the left edge is a red stoneware tree with mushrooms in the lower section. At the top of the branches are various sized leaves in the midst of pushing off the limbs. The leaves cover a womans’ face who is reaching for a bird, perhaps saying good-by for the  season.

You can see I utilized the color of the tree in a number of the leaves. This is so that when the final glaze moves over the piece, it will fall or break over the deep red color.

I have left an opening in the center of the image perhaps for a mirror or just open so that the color of the wall it hangs on comes through.

At the bottom of the tree are mushrooms that will be painted with little white dots, when I was making the piece one of the patrons added his home-grown mushrooms to the work and I duplicated them in clay.

It will go through another three or four weeks to dry then firing at 1940 degrees then glazing and another final firing.

2 Responses to “Paramount Art Work almost ready”
  1. The detail. The emotion. Perfect. Beautiful artistry in process. Applause!

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