New images from the studio: The White Series – update

Some work for Festa July 15th -18th 2010 at Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee north end in the Fine art tent

Here is a new series I have entitled the white series created from May-June of this year
they consist of Strong Woman Francesca, (created earlier this year now finished), Four Pedals, Strong Woman Series; Warrior Diana, Contentment; Lori created earlier this year now finished.

francesca close up

francesca second view

Strong Woman Four pedals,

Strong Woman Warrior Diane.

And Tosf that I re-titled Strong Woman Series Contentment; Lori

Then I had to add some terracotta with impressions with white glaze and some small but quaint herb tiles, I’ll  post later.

The white series was an inspiration I had after I viewed the images of “Four Women and a Fairy”, I found the images so striking in white that I want to do a whole series of just white pieces. As you can see below the sculptural images have their own sense of color with the relief within the image.

This piece is about to go into the kiln for its second  firing, the work while dull looking (as opposed to shiny) it has so much dimension and its own sense of color with shades of black and white; hence the White Series was born.

Also  here is a mirror with a flora motif


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