Catching up

Took a short trip to Alvin Wisconsin in Forrest County to place a plaque at my sisters grave site. It is beautiful country. There is something about old private cemetery’s that allow you to explore and ponder upon those entombed there. The oldest stone I came across was from 1850.

I have begun a new strong woman pc. that has the faces of four women on it and am about to start one of a woman with roots in the ground. Strong woman #6 Francesca has been is drying and I have modified the hand that is touching her face to make it more feminine, here hair has been detailed and I adjusted her hat to have some lace across the top.

I finished my hospice training here in my community at Zilber and mentored with a wonderful lady who has volunteered for over 2 years. It is interesting what people think about when they are closer to the other side of life  than this one. It was a great day.

Look forward to the run down of the artisans that will showcase their works at the Festa Italiana Fine Art Show July 15th -18

hope all is well


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