Strong Women Francesca, Elaine & Tosf update

Strong Woman Francesca:

Francesca is moving along she has an added bow to her hair and a lace sleeve on the arm of the woman holding her face

Francesca is a sculpture of a strong woman holding the face of a child that is upset showing the nurturing and healing nature of women.

Strong Woman Francesa

Francesca side profile

Strong Woman Elaine was added to the series in late March she is of a strong woman with a headdress that crosses above and over her head she is a part of a

a larger pc I have a notion to make of a woman cloaked with her arms out stretched with many groups of women under her. For now she stands alone. Her headdress

Strong Woman Elaine

Strong Woman Elaine

is a ribbon of images German Bakers used in the making of their breads and cookies. These images which all seem to fade into the past as our older German bakers retire or

pass forward.

I wanted to cast these images into clay so that they stayed with us for many years to come.

the headdress is banded by a images of German Baking motifs

May began with the gardens being tended and the images of Strong Woman columns being added to my gardens. Tosf was born.
Tosf is the latest in the series of Strong Women; she is a depiction of a young woman poised in a soft gaze looking down at what is yet to come. You can see she is still in a very roughed out place, with many more inspirations to come for her in the future months.


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