Has your schedule just tripled in the last few weeks.

It seems as if this time of year your schedule just seems to explode. I know from my standpoint I have another week filled of activities including opening my home studio to the public for the first time, on Friday the 26th, of March 6-9. Joe and I are busy putting the final touches on the studio. I decided to open the studio as I needed to relieve my inventory of Art works sort of free up my space so that I could continue making my strong woman series and have room for them.

After my studio was damaged by water we worked hard to get everything back into working order. My Office is now ready for me to work in again after a year and a half of working on my dining room table, kitchen table, the den; it will be nice to have a home again just to do my computer work.

Taxes are done thank god and now off to the CPA.

Strong Woman Series Francesca is now joined by Strong Woman; Woman Funds for a non-profit here in Milwaukee that aid women in business. I have also started the culture series “Bakers of our Past” in Milwaukee we had a series of Good German, Italian, Irish Bakers. I have received many of their moulds that I am preserving in clay for the enjoyment of generations to come. Thanks Annie Ryan who gave me three great metal and wood moulds to preserve.

Off to the shop the week is full.
Promise to catch you up on the Zilber Hospice, Public Art and the other goings on in my studio in April.- Community Artist Valorie Schleicher


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