Ladies of UNICO Fashion show, Public Art the 60th street Mosaic, Creative Communities & Aurora Zilber,

When we left off last week I was off and running again to a full week of Art inspired activities proved again that “Art is Everywhere and it’s in Milwaukee”; (thanks Ashley) The most impressive was the Ladies of UNICO Celebration of their 25th Anniversary Charity Fashion show and Luncheon. My good friend Sophia Michalovitz is Ladies of UNICO President and a co-chaired the International Folk Fair‘s Italian sales booth last year with me.Ladies of UNICO stands for U-Unity, N-Neighborliness, I-Integrity, C-Charity, O-opprotunity for information of becoming a member of the Milwaukee ladies of UNICO call 414-223-2194 to donate to their Milwaukee causes click here (link to come) To see the National UNICO information click here

The Fashion show is Ladies of UNICO’s  yearly fundraiser event, taking the proceeds from this event and giving Scholarships to kids, last year sending Veterans to Washington D.C. to see the War memorial, to helping people in need in our own community and charitable programs.

This was my first of many to come Ladies of UNICO Fashion show and I must say I felt as if I was in NY City or Paris,  Entitled La Bella Moda di Primavera whom Linda Zanoni-Gomoll is co-chair and did the great introductions of the designs. Great Job Linda! Luck was on my side and along with Ann Romano, a dear woman whom I make cookies with each year for the Taste of Italy which happens April 16th 2010 this year at the Italian Community Center; Mary Hoffman and her daughter Mrs. Ganim, Mary Ann Maglio, later joining us was Sammy Ganim, Mary Hoffman’s granddaughter and Model in the show.

Sammy is a beautiful young woman who follows her mother and grandmother into the world of volunteering for our community and culture. Sammie  joined me as my partner last year at the Taste of Italy in the kitchen making Italian fry bread from 9 am till we slaved over hot friers and baked off the sweet bread to be served in the Grand Ball Room at the ICC, Sammie is joining me again this year.

We were seated at the table at the end of the runway, (perfect camera position for any Artist, however, I had only brought my point and shoot cannon, while a great camera it does not do the job my fine art Cannon Rebel does. As an Artist you don’t always want to be behind the camera or in front of your medium, sometimes you just want to be you relax), I none the less was nudged to bring it with me and was able to grab a few grainy photos, if you have ever seen a Fashion runway the room is darkened and only the runway is lite up forgive the photos. My camera did not do well trying to adjust to the lightning.

Terry Michael and new spring designs

Before me paraded down the runway were a stunning array of this seasons fashions by designer Terry Michael Couture Fashions, Flair for him-for her, BTween Friends, Boston Store and Linda Marcus Designs…Accessories. The Models hair was done by Erik of Norway Salons of Mequon and Downtown and the Models make-up by Blush’s Diane Yokes a beauty boutique. The event was produced by Florida Perry- Smith of Premier Events. The models were not only professionals but friends, husbands, children, grandchildren of the Ladies of UNICO and the Italian Community Center members, yes there were everyday people walking the runway attorneys, financial Men, high school and middle school students, what a job they did.The Dressing Room assistants were from our own Mount Mary College Fashion Students Kelsey Garfoot, Nou Her, Janine Paddock Sasha Waton, Megan Baker and Terry Michael’s assistants; Lindsay Kuehn, Carmen Crumble, Cathy Turner, LeAnne & Janice Crumble.

Ann Romano told me that over the years this fashion show has been all over Milwaukee,  until it found its home here after the ICC was built. The Ladies of UNICO did the production until a few years ago when Linda Zanoni-Gomoll joined the group and helped make it an even more professional show.

Enjoy the show forgive me for not taking my good Camera!

Volunteers doing what they love in their community, supporting each other what more can you ask from life and your community. People who care, support and do what they love.

The tables at the Italian Community Center (ICC) were arranged beautifully with different shades of purple tulips, which matched the ties of the young men and women scarfs, dresses and accessories who came out to support their parents the organizers of the Raffle and Silent Auctions.  The silent auction and raffle were staged on tables along the grand hall outside of the Grand Ball Room at the ICC, the room was full of people, laughing, mingling bidding, catching up and just having fun. I felt that spring was here.

Great job to the Fashion show committee Ann Romano, Chair Linda Zanoni-Gomoll, Co-Chair, Alice Kaminski, Co-Chair, Gaetanina Balistreri, Honorary Chair, Sophia Michalovitz President, Dorothy Majewski, Kathy Clancy, Ann Pitzo my good friend and Chair of the Culture Committee at the ICC, Catherine Kelly, Mary Ann Maglio, Nancy Castrovinci, maria LoRicco, Mary Medo

As the show ended I spotted Attorney Bill Jennaro a former President of the ICC with his grandson, (his grandsons were in the show as models for the Boston Store) the grandson had stepped into the vestibule and looked up and spotted a photo of his grandfather. In the vestibule of the Grand Ball Room at the ICC are the images of Present and Past Presidents of the ICC. Bill followed shortly afterwards and I wondered if  the boy was asking his grandfather what were all the photos about? I stepped out and took the shot. Love the camera catching everyday life people and culture in our Milwaukee community.

Thanks so much for inviting me It was truly a highlight of my week.

To follow Public Art the 60th street Mosaic, Creative Communities & Aurora Zilber Hospice, Forks & Corks and the Sisterhood

need to catch up on an important meeting for tomorrow – Community Artist Valorie Schleicher


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