Arts Day in Wisconsin, 60th Street Mosaic Project, Strong Woman Models join the series

3/8/2010 What all goes on in a Artists week? here’s mine

What a week I spent two days at the state capitol for Arts week bringing awareness to Art in Wisconsin to our legislatures and meeting great Artists and Art Advocates and re-connecting with a lot more. It was like old home week and it went way to fast.

I modeled two more Strong Women Linda Sanfilippo Lipp and Ari Lipp and finished a proposal for the 60th Street Mosaic Project (60th & Burleigh neighborhood); and attended a managers meeting for Festa Italiana, I am the Fine Art chair for the Festa Fine Artists. Happy Birthday to my new daughter-in law Marissa, much love and enjoy every day that this new age and year brings!

Anne Katz of the Wisconsin Art’s Board did a tremendous job setting up the events of the two days; while still running home at night to be Mother to her 16 year old son. Day one of Arts day I met up with Arts Advocates from across the state: four people from WEGA Arts, Kathy Fehl, Holly Martin, (I was lucky enough to get business cards from as you meet so many people it is hard to remember names), and a husband and wife team from WEGA Arts from Weyauwega,WI.;  Ruth Vander Horck of Edgewood Campus School; Sarah J. Hoover of Madison WI., managing director of the Bartell Theater,; Marie Mason of La Crosse Center and the Wisconsin Art Education Association, and;  Watch for Maria and I to do some wonderful community Art together in the future.  Boyd Sutton is part of Wisconsin Writers Journal and Wisconsin Regional Writers’ Association.; and LaMoine MacLaughlin; cofounder and director of Northern Lakes Center for the Arts, director of Northern Lakes Writers’ Guild and edits The Hometown Gazette, a newspaper serving Clayton, WI.  He has worked in rural arts development for 25 years as president of the Wisconsin Assembly of Local Arts Agencies (now Arts Wisconsin), national co-chair of the small community area of Americans for the Arts, and a trustee of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts. I so loved reading the Hometown Gazette thanks for letting me have a copy LaMoine.

Hey Boyd check out your ranks and let me know if you have an Italian writers we want to do another writers forum at Festa Italiana July 16th-19th on the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee this year and as we are supporting the Italian Culture they should descend from Italy or Sicily, let me know

Jonathan Winkle Executive Director from the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts near me in Brookfield WI., Jonathan I have a great idea to share with you lets talk.

Again a special thanks to Anne Katz a true strong woman fighting for not just the Arts but does this while balancing motherhood as well. Hat’s off to her husband whom I met the following morning as we were setting up for the Arts conference and breakfast meet-up. My husband Joe supports my passion of Art in many ways as well however, its hard for him to attend all the Art events I do, as it’s more my passion than his, so dear husbands and wives of Arts Advocates thanks for all you do.

Here also to hoping that Anne becomes my muse’s for my Seven Daughters of Eve art series for the DNA line X; along with Diana Priewe which covers the areas of the world that include Central Asia, Siberia & America’s: I need three women from each line as each Woman had to have two daughters in order for the clan to survive to today. Anne would be my Russian woman.

It was the first time I got to hear in-person Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton what a passion for the creatives’ in Wisconsin check out her links:


Building Wisconsin’s 21st Century Workforce:
The Arts and Creativity in Education

Creative Industries:

Economic Initiatives:

A number of us went up the hill to see our Senators mine is Senator Jim Sullivan from Wauwatosa. As an individual Artist(s) I/we don’t have a lobbyist group to fight for my/our voice so we need to do it ourselves.  Scheduling was tight so Christine Harris of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee and of the Creative Coalition of Milwaukee and I joined together to meet Senator Sullivan. At the conference an old Tosan, former Wauwatosa council member and Artist himself joined us; Allen great to see you again. On our way to the hill we ran into the Skylight Theater’s Amy Schmidt Jones (hope I got that right) and then in the Senators office we met another Amy (sorry I missed your last name) an intern from the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. We were able to have a good 15 minutes before Senator Jim Sullivan had to run off for a committee meeting and a vote on a bill he had sponsored; all was not lost we spent the next half hour with his new Staff member (on the job for just a few days and did not have any business cards yet, a beautiful young woman from Minnesota welcome to Wisconsin!) going over why Art is so important to Wisconsin’s economic development and Wisconsin’ Kids.

Before the day was over we were back at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center and State Capital, Madison, WI. Where I ran into a mired of Artists and Advocates, Laura Pribe, Tim Decker of Wauwatosa representing Animation and instructor in Animation from MATC who promised five years ago to join Tosa Fine Art show and I hope he does so this year we need some Animation talents we have no digital media represented.

The crew from, all of whom I met back in January (or was that December?) at a  class put on by The cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee. I watched and listened to The Live Bard give a great live recitations from Dead Poets; Bard You so need to call into WPR during story hour and recite for all of Wisconsin to hear. I listened to this great show on my way back from Madison on wednesday evening. I also met Hannah E. Pozorski of Wisconsin Public Radio WPR outreach coordinator of the Green Bay region; What energy, she is quite a asset and of course asked me if I was a donator to WPR “yes I am I replied”, as I work alone in the shop most days and listen to WPR to keep me up to date as to what is happening all over the Wisconsin and the world. WPR thanks for all you do!

Jennifer Post Tyler a vibrant woman in the know about the new Emerging Arts Leaders in Wisconsin she also works for the Overture Center for the Arts. Not knowing the Madison area I was not aware of the Overture Center it’s amazing how many networks I belong to and I had not heard of hers. Looking forward to hearing more about it on the future. Just goes to show you that we learn everyday that there is more Art in Wisconsin that you can imagine, now lets just network them all together join us at

I also had a chance to talk with Portal Wisconsin’s Tammy Kempfert whom I thanked for all the great work that Portal Wisconsin does in the Art Community.  I submitted my Art to Portal Wisconsin back in September 09’ which lead to being accepted into Wisconsin’s Gallery of Artists crated by Wisconsin’s Cultural Coalition organizations: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, Wisconsin Arts Board, Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Humanities Council, Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Television and University of Wisconsin-Extension–Outreach & E-Learning you can read all about it here

I also met Janet O. Turner of Broadjam; a group helping music artist get connected, great to meet you! Meghan Blake-Horst of Absolutely Art, http:// and I worked with Jen from the Overture pull together a list of mentor mentee suggestions for emerging artists in a breakout session.  

Ellen Rosewall is from UW-Green Bay; Associate Professor, Arts & Visual Design.

Eleonora Radaelli, PHD Assistant Professor / Coordinator Arts Management Program of UW-Stevens Point, from Italy along with Linda D’Aquisto of Kids Curators,, these last two women and I share not only Arts Advocacy but a common Italian heritage. Elenora was gifted the latest edition of The Italian Times put out by the Italian Community Center here in Milwaukee which I am not only a member but chair of the Fine Art at Festa and a member of the Culture Committee. Elenora also see the Wisitalia Site at to connect you with Italians in Wisconsin, you are not alone there are lots of Italians and Italian organizations in Wisconsin you’ll feel quite at home with any of us.

Linda D’Aquisto and I share a common name D’Aquisto as my  D’Aquisto line goes back to 1744 in Porticello, Sicily and Linda and I may be related to funny life is so amazing. This may just be our Strong Woman Ancestors nudging us from above saying the family needs to get back together. Linda see my line at from Nicolo to Leonardo to Vito to Leonardo to Rosaria to Caterina Balistreri at Rosaria’s other children went to Racine my Caterina went to New York however follow the D’Aquisto’s from Sicily to Racine WI and I don’t think were related I know we are.

I so look forward to next years Arts Day and plan on staying over next time the drive back home after the first day was long and quiet. Thanks for all you do at Arts Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Arts Board!

Back to the shop and reality on Thursday 3/4/10, I finished up the proposal for the 60th Street Mosaic Project a project that combines all my passions; a Art project that embodies and brings together a community integrating Community Kids and Culture; An integrated work of Art of our neighborhood from past present to future. I handed that in on Saturday to Calliope S. Thomas, the Artist coordinator who works with the 60th street Mosaic Project.

While I was putting the final touches of this I was working with an Artist in Virginia who wrote with an interesting proposal that would incorporate my art works with another international company. I so enjoyed our email back and forth all week and the inspiration that comes when Artists team up and promote the Arts. We spoke in detail on Saturday and look forward to hearing from her again sometime this week. Check out her Art it is wonderful:

C. Ashley Spencer of Casart & Casart Coverings, LLC

Thanks for all you do for the Arts in America Ashley talk to you this week.

Sunday was another great day I added two more muses to the Strong Woman Series and my Seven Daughters of Eve series. Linda Sanfilippo Lipp and her daughter Ari Lipp they arrived at noon and we caught up (Linda is my cousin and her daughter Ari is my first cousin once removed), and they belong to the U: DNA line. Ari will be one of the daughters for the Seven Daughters of Eve series and Linda and her will both be my models for the Strong woman series as well. Linda is a great glass artist doing slumped glass, stained glass and glass jewelry she is also a dress and costume maker she is an amazing artists. Ari is a dancer and no doubt will be a great performing artist someday. Here is to hoping Linda and Ari also join the Artist’s of Festa Italiana this July 16th-19th. And you can see her wonderful art works. I’ll work on her to get a website going or at least a blog her Art is beautiful to remain only on film, in her camera or on her computer. Maybe the two kids Ari and Jake Lipp a great vocalist and drummer can help with that as well lets get Mom on line!

I masked and molded their faces from noon to 5 with each of them along with Joe (my sweet husband who keeps asking me “Who is this Art Guy anyway” helped me document the process and then we had a late lunch, a wonderful mozzarella and tomato salad with 18 year old balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh spinach, Italian olives, fruit home made ginger tea, Italian rolls from Scardina’s bakery, fresh ham, domestic feta and Greek cheese and sweets from the Olympia Greek store on 91st & Greenfield, a mom and pop business down the block and lastly to top it off a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Great day great week of Art and now on to this weeks adventures in my passion.

Here is a sneak pre-view:

This week begins my Hospice training for Zilber Hospice’s volunteer program; a evening supporting a Survivor of abuse, a Sisterhood meeting as we prepare for the Big Hat Brunch later this month (mentoring and supporting young girls 8-18 on how to be strong women); Joining the Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee-*CREATIVITY WORKS! Milwaukee Regional Creative Economy Project – COUNTY/REGIONAL FOCUS GROUPS (see below).

In the shop: a continuation of working on the donation(s) of Art for the Ladies of UNICO for Saturday March 13th’s Fashion show (see Flair at v), show. The Ladies of UNICO gives scholarships to students of Italian descent to for college; Parkside University’s Donation for their Student Exchange program which exchanges four students two from Parkside University to Calabria Italy and two from Calabria to Parkside in Kenosha for a year of paid tuition, books room and board.

Three new models from Greece join my studio this week for me to add them to my strong woman series so looking foreword to having them here at the house and in the studio; on Saturday I will be joining the Ladies of UNICO for their fashion show luncheon at the Italian Community Center/ ICC, Joe is also nudging me to finish my business taxes, opps I am almost ready honest hon, have a great week all. Finishing Francesca and working on another Strong Woman Art works ” Mothers”, Harriette.

More on the Creative Coalition:

*Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee
Milwaukee Regional Creative Economy Project
We want YOU to tell us about your role in the world’s fastest growing economic sector–the creative economy.We’re looking for 25 people from each county in a spectrum of professions–artists of all disciplines, for-profit creative businesses, economic and workforce development professionals, educators, and others— to participate in focus groups March 9-12.

For more information and to sign up, click below:

Washington County
Waukesha County
Ozaukee County
Walworth County

Mt. Auburn Associates, national leaders in the field of creative economy planning, will be facilitating.  Meetings will last about 90 minutes and food will be provided.

Know someone in these counties who fits what we’re looking for?
Please pass this on.
We need your help to expand our reach to the region.
Thank you!

Questions? Contact Shirah Apple at 414-347-0131 or

Creativity Works! thanks our gracious sponsors:Kahler Slater/Office Space

Marcus Hotels and Resorts/Rooms and Meeting Space

Midwest Airlines/Flights

Join Our Mailing List!
Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee684 North Plankinton Ave.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203


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