Starlite Night Event: Strong Woman Francesca created

Strong Woman Series: Francesca I made Strong Woman Francesca last night during a live Art event. The Art work was intended to be a woman holding a child face and wiping a tear with the other hand. I did not have a armature large enough for the second hand, thus the weight was to much on the wet clay. As all Artists do we adapt and the piece changed; it is now a woman holding the face of a younger woman. The woman who won her was Fran Franklin and she was quite happy to win her. Fran asked me what her name was going to be and I pondered a bit and told her how I felt about the piece. It felt very french, very 30’s or 40ish and it reminded me of a nurse and nursing; Francesca was born. I will post images of her as I progress through each of her stages to completeness.


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