Channel 10- Great Art Auction Lilie has emerged

Valorie SchleicherLilie_lilium_41

Lilie_1st Glaze fire

Valorie SchleicherLilie_Lilium_42a

Lilie 2nd glaze a crack emerges

The First Image is fresh out of the first glaze fire at cone 6 2240 degrees you can see that the work needs a little more color. I re glaze the lilie and the some of the leaves and put her back in the kiln.

2/25/10 I opened the kiln to see what the kiln gods left for me and the first shelf of the firing looks great. I unpack the kilns first layer and expose the second layer. The top portion of the lilie looks great as the shelves are what we call half shelves it only exposes one part of the lilie at a time.

I lift the second shelf to expose the lower part of the lilie and discover a crack half way down the lower section of the lilie, ouch; she won’t make it to the Channel 10 Great Art Auction this year or the home and Garden show but not a total loss. The crack was most likely due to the kiln cooling too quickly I have to check the temperature of the basement last night if it was too cool the kiln would have cooled too quickly as well.

The colors came out good and I enjoy the color of the clay peaking through the glaze a bonus with stoneware and natural objects created the earth just wants to show through. Watch the full making of the Lilie here


StrongWoman #1 Jen in the series

I will send the first in the Strong Woman Series: Jen to the Auction and Lilie will become a mosaic; as she would never make the deadline for the Channel 10’s Great TV Auction AuctioStrong Woman Jen took Honerable Mention in the Wisconsin Regional Artists Association Workshop in WhiteWater in Jan 2010.

Off to finish the 60th Street Mosaic project proposal.

One Response to “Channel 10- Great Art Auction Lilie has emerged”
  1. Strong Woman Series Jen sent in replacement of the Lilie received a Blue ribbon at the Preview Exhibition at the State Fair Park Thursday the 18th of March. She will be on line shortly at for public bidding; then on TV the April 22-25 PBS channel 10. Milwaukee WI.

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