From the Artisan Studio of Valorie Schleicher of VL Schleicher Sculptures LLC

Artist Valorie Schleicher

This is Artist blogger who is working in stoneware clay (stoneware clay has less porosity than brick and can last for centuries). I use an ancient technique called Maiolica or Majolica for my glazing which uses oxides and minerals hand mixed for glazing. Located in Southeastern WI., and owner of VL Schleicher Sculptures Studio and Buy Local Art a web site that enables the everyday person to connect with Artisans & Artisan Services & Galleries that support local Artisans in Wisconsin.

This is an Arts Advocacy site that an artist can subscribe to.  It lists a Artist Profile and their contact info for the everyday person to find an Artists in his or her preferred medium and links them directly to them.

An added feature lists Artists by services so that you can connect to an Artist who provides services to the community at large

I believe that we need to support our local communities, Live, Buy and shop locally! This site also lists great links for Wisconsin and links for Wisconsin Art Resources.

Please keep my secret shush…When the business folks and capitalists find out about this site the first thing they will ask is “What is your revenue source; revenue stream? When they find out it’s Arts Advocacy at it’s best they will use it as another source as to why Culture, Art Science and Humanities is not Economically sound.  However we Artisan’s and Arts Advocates know better, we will be here supporting each other long after they have figured out that they need to revise and update their business models to survive but let’s not tell them that just yet.

I am an Artist that lives her Art; My passions in life and the studio are Kids, Community & Culture click here for my Bio and what happening in the studio.

Valorie Schleicher-Turtle Island

Valorie Schleicher-Strong Woman Series-Turtle Island-Lori

My blog covers the areas of my life and the studio. I am also an Arts Advocate. I support the  Arts in as many ways as time and resources allow. On this blog you’ll find an Artist Resources-Events-Call for Art-News page

Enjoy the blog -Valorie Schleicher Vl Sculptures

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